The sneaker business brings to mind big names and corporate giants. But, at Denver’s SneakerFest, it is young, small business owners and, the even younger, future business owners that run the show.

Approximately six months, SneakerFest convenes to create a safe space to trade and sell the latest trends in sneakers including from Yeezy Boosts to Jordans. The event on March 19 did not disappoint. The Timbers Hotel was full to the brim with sneaker-clad kids and young adults ready to show off their kicks and get their hands on the newest kicks.


All photos by Sina Ghozati.

The colors were bright and the styles were sharp. The shoes on display, the young people selling them and the people buying were sporting all of the pattern-clashing, bold colors, and daring designs you would hope to find in a room full of shoes. Metallic finishes and warm color mixes of reds, yellows and oranges against cool blues, greens and deep purples added an attention grabbing spark to many of the shoes’ traditional leather sneaker structures.

Metallic finishes were spotted on nearly every display table, clearly making their way into the hearts of sneaker fans. Gold held first place across the metallic displays but metallic silvers and black certainly made their appearance.

Playing with contrasting colors stood out among traders. Camouflage continues to make its way through fashion domains as spotted here balanced against the classic red swoosh that the sneaker world is more than familiar with.

SneakerFest 2016 - Sina Ghozati @mr_svndmvn-5 (800x533)

Adidas Nice Kicks NMD Runner PK

Bright, non-traditional patterns and designs were spattered across the venue. We were drawn to the shoes that took soft, familiar tie-dye patterns and used them to create an edgy and new way to wear sneakers, as seen here with a design created by Nice Kicks and Adidas.

SneakerFest happens year round, with new and regular vendors bringing fresh sneakers your way. Vendor contact, event details, and more information about the event can be found on the SneakerFest Facebook page.

All photos by Sina Ghozati. Go here to see more photos


SneakerFest 2016 - Sina Ghozati @mr_svndmvn-13 (800x533)SneakerFest 2016 - Sina Ghozati @mr_svndmvn-11 (800x533)