Let’s be honest. If you live in Colorado you are never short of outdoor activities to enjoy year round. But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up, and one of the best ways to do that is to go back to your childhood. Enjoying the snow as a child is easy, all you really need is a good pair of snow boots and warm, waterproof attire and you are set. No special equipment required, with the exception of a sled of course.

So why not leave all of your usual snow gear at home this weekend and try out our five favorite ways to enjoy winter like a kid.

1.Make Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in two enamel tin mugs

When it comes to making hot chocolate you really can’t go wrong, but there are some simple tricks to keep in mind to make the perfect cup. If you plan to spend the day outside in the snow, try making a crockpot recipe that will be ready when you come inside to warm up. Milk, dark and white chocolate are all great options depending on your taste, but the toppings are really where it’s at. Top with marshmallows, a drizzle of caramel and a touch of sea salt for a real treat.

2. Build a Snowman


There is nothing more fun than recreating your childhood by building a snowman. Make it a competition with your friends or your partner to see who can build the tallest snowman, or even try making them into popular characters and see if everyone can guess who yours is supposed to be. The winner gets a pass on shoveling the driveway!

3. Make Paper Snowflakes


This one might take you all the way back to elementary school but can be surprisingly therapeutic on a cold, snowy day. All you need is some simple white paper (or colorful cardstock if you have some on hand!) and a pair of scissors. There are plenty of tutorials online if you want to get really intricate with your flakes, but you can also simply fold the paper multiple times and go to town with your scissors and see what you come up with.

Once you have several finished snowflakes you can attach them to a long strip of ribbon or twine and hang them in your window. Once the snow melts, having these frame your view out the window will take you back to the beautiful snow-covered scenery that inspired the project.

4. Go Ice Skating

happy couple ice skating on rink outdoors

Ice skating is one of those activities that can return you to your vulnerable younger self. While you might consider yourself a winter ‘athlete,’ falling on your face on the ice is an easy lesson in humility. But don’t let that deter you. Grab your partner’s hand and hit the ice with confidence. You may have further to fall than you did as a kid, but at least you won’t be falling alone. Skate rentals are available at a variety of indoor and outdoor rinks so all you have to do is show up.

5. Go Sledding

Man and woman sledging

Sledding is a classic winter activity that is a part of many childhood memories but it certainly doesn’t have to stay there. A really nice part of this activity is that you can grab your sled (or tube!) and head to the nearest snow-covered hill. This can be a fun adventure up in the mountains if you just set off spontaneously to see how many great sledding spots you can find and enjoy.