The Friday Experience: Unexpected Fine Art; The Alternative Gallery & Artist Darrell Anderson

“Girl” – Oil Pastels – Darrell Anderson

A New Year gives us the opportunity to breathe in new life, new adventures and new artistic locations that may have been noticed but not fully appreciated. Stop and take a look around your local coffee shop or other interesting local venue or restaurant, not the “box giant”, but the local and allow your senses to explore the walls and you may just notice the art that fills them. The “Alternative Gallery” as I like to call them, are a subtle exploration into incredible works of art by local artists; well known and those just launching their artistic journey. These local artistic venues are nothing to snub your nose at, for the next big artist may just be on the verge of great recognition. These venues also allow artists to experience what it’s like to actually have their work viewed and purchased in a setting quite different from the typical gallery.

One such “Alternative Gallery” is the Waffle Brothers located at 1707 Lafayette Street, Denver, CO 80218 as they host local, yet world renowned Artist Darrell Anderson with his “Small Works” of art in oil pastels, Saturday, January 23rd, 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Darrell Anderson’s broad style of art has placed his work at the Denver International Airport’s Concourse A, the Air Force Space Command Center at Peterson Air Force Base, rail stations in metro Denver and the U.S. Custom House in downtown Denver just to name a few.

"Small Works" by Darrell Anderson at Waffle Brothers
“Small Works” by Darrell Anderson at Waffle Brothers

“The common thread throughout this artistic journey has been the joy of challenge. In my faith, there are no mistakes! I always stay present about creativity. Each day I am thinking about it and I’m sketching it. For me, the results are always the same, endless searching for the next imaginative journey of the day,” states Anderson.*  Darrell Anderson’s art mediums include but are not limited to mosaics, pastels, oils and mixed media. “I was never one to stick to a particular format as my development grew from painting pictures to creating public art. Wearing two different hats is a huge plus for me, it fits the type of individual I am.”*

Within the art world every place that showcases or exhibits art serves a purpose. From museum to gallery to the unexpected “alternative gallery” location. Be open to explore and recognize that art also serves a purpose for humanity.  And, most of all, if the art speaks to you and it is for sale, don’t miss out on the opportunity to support the arts and the artist who created it. “Introducing the Public to the Artistic World Around Us”,  has been my company motto for WENDO Productions and my personal goal to awaken the public to the arts.

Take the time to look around you and chances are there may be unexpected and incredible artwork around you. Here’s to seeing you out and about this New Year!


Please Note: * the quotes by Darrell Anderson were from his recent article in ARTCHASER Magazine.

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