Kindness Yoga has a New Year’s challenge for you. “Every January, hundreds of Kindness students challenge themselves to new levels of dedication through our New Year Challenge,” says Kindness marketing guru Jack Cuneo. “It’s a great opportunity to discover new teachers and classes, make new friends and celebrate yoga practice in the new year.”

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1/4-2/14 at Kindness Yoga

Discovery, friendship and celebration are certainly worthwhile reasons to participate in the Challenge. But bona fide prizes are on the line as well.

“Those who succeed in meeting their goal—regardless of what that goal is—will be entered to win either a Vitamix blender or enrollment into a 200-hour teacher training,” says Cuneo. “Your lasting reward lies in completing the Challenge, but the prizes will help you stay motivated.”

According to a 2007 University of Bristol study, 88% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail. Kindness doesn’t want you to be among them.

“We’re helping you succeed by letting you choose your own Challenge goal,” explains Cuneo. “The Challenge runs for six weeks. In that time, you’ll choose whether to aim at taking 12, 18, 24 or 30 classes. We’re also going to send you regular motivational messages from our teachers and community leaders that’ll help inspire your success. You’ll enjoy regular contact with inspiration that applies to much more than your practice on the mat.”

Kindness Yoga’s New Year Challenge runs January 4 through February 14. Experience Kindness.