If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, it’ll come as no surprise that shops are probably swept clean of cool and fun gifts. So you can settle for that boring Starbucks gift card, or take the time time to create something original and unique. When did the holidays become a time for mindless shopping rather than thought out gifts that reflect the recipient?

We know it’s a busy time of year so the thought of a last minute DIY gift seems more grueling than effective. At 303 Magazine we’ve complied a list of three easy DIYs, complete with instructions to help you get crafting and wrapping.

Bling Bling Headphones

Ever since Beats by Dre hit the market a while back, headphones have come back into style with more variety than ever. The popularity of these headphones has also made it easy to pick up a cheap pair at Walmart or Target in bulk. Gift these to your BFF and create a matching pair so you can both listen to music in style.

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Image Courtesy of PopSugar

What You’ll Need:

  • a pair of flat sided headphones
  • rubbing alcohol
  • epoxy or super glue
  • an assortment of rhinestones

The Steps: 

1. Clean each side of the headphones with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to remove any dirt or dust, which will allow for the rhinestones to dry faster and stay in place.

2. Applying a small amount of epoxy or super glue to your rhinestones, start constructing your design on one side of the head phones first before moving onto the other side. You can also make this step easier by purchasing pre-made rhinestone templates, however, these are usually on mesh or lace, which will show behind the headphones.

3. Leave for 24 hours to dry, and you’re done! This gift will have the music lover in your life dancing out in style.

Earring Frame Holder

This gift is great for everyone from your mom to your niece, and looks like you spent a pretty penny on their gift. Easy enough to do in under an hour, a custom earring frame holder really adds zing to any setting while being space-friendly. This gift is really great for the hoarder who refuses to get rid of her ’90s hoops because they may come back in style, or for that friend who is always running late due to her lack of organizational skills.


Image Courtesy of PopSugar

What You’ll Need:

  • a cute frame
  • chicken wire or lace
  • staple gun w/staples
  • nails
  • saw-tooth hangers

The Steps: 

1. Laying your frame on a flat surface with the front facing down, measure out your chicken wire or lace to fit the exact opening of the frame. You can do this by cutting and measuring all at once, or simply take your frames measurement before and cut them out of your chicken wire or lace. (If using lace, beware of its archival timeline.)

2. After measuring out your chicken wire or lace, use your staple gun to attach the material to the frame. Depending on the size, use 3-4 staples on each row to ensure security.

3. Attach the saw-tooth hanger in the center of the frame with two nails to allow the frame to hang vertically. If the frame is larger than 24 x 30 we suggest attaching two saw-tooth hangers, one on each side, for stability.

Custom Loafers 

This gift is great for girl who has everything. Create a pair of custom loafers she can wear year round with just about any outfit or a pair of house loafers for the homebody. You can create these for everyone in the house or use this opportunity to really create something the recipient will find thoughtful and stylish.


Image Courtesy of PopSugar

What You’ll Need:

  • a pair of loafers (velvet or 100% cotton)
  • embroidered patches
  • cheap paint brush
  • fabric glue
  • a steamer

The Steps: 

1. Make sure the loafers are clean and any dirt or dust is removed from the fabric.

2. Create your design. You can monogram each pair for a custom designer look or go punk rock by applying patches to the front, side and/or back of the loafers.

3. After your design is thoughtfully placed, apply fabric glue all over the patch with your brush to ensure an even coat. Stick the patch down and hold in place for 1-2 minutes.

4. After your design is done, apply some light steam to the shoes to allow the glue to spread and melt. Do this for about 30 seconds.

5. Allow 24 hours to dry and you’re done. Volia!