Door detail from Coda's new location. Photo courtesy of Coda Coffee

Door detail from Coda’s new location. Photo courtesy of Coda Coffee

What: family owned and operated online wholesale store brings its socially responsible and sustainable coffee to its very first storefront

Where: 5224 W. 25th Ave.,Edgewater

Neighborhood: Sloan’s Lake

When: September 18, 2015

This month, family-owned and operated Coda Coffee will bring its fair trade and organic-certified coffee to its very first retail location on the historic 25th Avenue in Edgewater.

It all started with one simple concept: “Feel good about the coffee you drink.” Then in 2005, fueled by a passion for “friggin’ awesome coffee and worldly do-gooding,” two brothers from America’s coffee heartland, Tim and Tommy Thwaites, sought out to do just that. These two young entrepreneurs left the Seattle area, and after taking separate paths exploring just about all there is to know about the specialty coffee industry, they met back up in Denver where it all came together. With a combined 36 years of industry experience, they partnered with Tom Sr. and Coda Coffee was born.

With a mission to “set the standard for coffee excellence through education, advocacy, and partnerships,” the two brothers have traveled all around the world sourcing its Farm2Cup certified coffee. This passion and hard work landed them the title of Roast Magazine’s Macro Roaster of the Year for 2014. Now they hope to do even more with their new brick and mortar shop, which will allow new customers as well as longtime fans of their online store to gather and enjoy the coffee that started it all.

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“Our dreams are becoming reality and we’re so excited to open our very first storefront. It will give people an easy way to learn more about us and the farmers who produce our coffee,” said Tim. “It’ll also help bring a craft feel to the world of coffee because, just like beer, the world of coffee has a very unique art to it that we’re passionate about and look forward to sharing.”

The new shop will offer a whole new coffee experience complete with:

  • A unique espresso machine that has the capacity to dial in pressurization so well that baristas will be able to modify the espresso extraction, based on bean density. This makes every type of coffee customized.
  • Four blends of espresso at all hours, with espresso flights for those who want to try more bean varieties.
  • An AeroPress for high-end coffees that will provide a quick way to brew coffee with rich flavor, leaving bitterness and acidity out.
  • Menu offering a delicious selection of paninis, baked goods and salads.
  • Innovative techniques, developed by Tommy and Tim, for brewing the perfect cup of iced coffee.
Rendering of the new Coda coffee location.

Rendering of the new Coda coffee location.

“We now have the ability to take any fresh, hot coffee or espresso and instantly turn it into a cold drink without the ill effect of [oxidation] or the drawn out process of a ‘toddy brew,’” said Tommy. “Our unique system maintains the coffee’s flavor without adding any bitterness through the cooling process using cold plate infusion.”

As if that didn’t have our already caffeinated veins pumping, an infusion chamber will allow guests to customize their cup by adding hops, vanilla beans, cinnamon or ginger during the brew process for a one-of-a-kind drink.

The retail location will host its grand opening this coming Friday, September 18, and feature several unique coffee blends in addition to giveaways and Coda swag. Not to mention, 50 percent of the proceeds made on opening day will go to Girls on the Run – Rockies Chapter

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