5 Ways To Find The Right Fashion Pieces For You

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Good clothes are harder to come by. Ill-flattering, mass-produced designs leave many of us walking out of the dressing room in frustration, even with the low price point and accessibility. The fashion industry as a whole caters to many different demographics but the art of the fit and well-sourced fabrics has lost its potency in a world where trendy, easy to produce garments have taken over.

Designer clothes are also expensive, making it harder to find the right piece for your body at an affordable price. No matter if you’re tall, short, broad-shouldered, small-chested, curvy or any of the other million descriptions, it’s difficult and for most (understandably), not worth it.

Local businesses all over the country are bringing back the smaller, more item-appreciated pieces to counteract the overwhelming amount of styles being produced that many men and women can never wear. But how do you find the right pieces for you? How do you know what to look for?

Finding the difference between a staple and a trend goes much further than the clearance rack at a department store. It can take years to perfect, with many “did I really wear that?” moments in between, but once achieved, your style staples will begin to outweigh the many unfortunate ones you’re just not in to. You don’t have to be fashionable to know what you like and we’re firm believers that even a wardrobe of only a few favorite pieces is better than a closet full of ” I don’t know what to wear” items. Below is a list of five things to think about when picking out something new for your wardrobe and a great way to cross the line from trend to absolute favorite piece for years to come.

5 Thoughts When Purchasing New Fashion Pieces For Your Wardrobe

1. Practicality

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-benz.com
Photo courtesy of Mercedes-benz.com

They may be a $100 pair of boots, but you will probably wear them for the next two years without looking back instead of continuously purchasing shoes that fall apart after one season. Making investments in pieces isn’t an issue as long as you can see yourself wearing and re-wearing, and still affording groceries. Many big companies create clothes knowing they won’t last so you keep coming back for more. Smart sales, sad closet. Try looking at materials and the overall idea of a piece with the rest of your wardrobe to ensure its use once it has been purchased.

Note: It goes without saying that staples are a great addition to any closet but differentiating a “staple” and your own staple is as expansive as you want it to be. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

2. Wear and Tear

Photo courtesy of the manrepeller.com
Photo courtesy of the manrepeller.com

Is it one of those pieces that makes you nervous to wear out for drinks in the chance that you might spill or lean on some unfortunate leftover? If so, planning out your clothes around your location or picking pieces that are nice but you don’t mind roughing up after a few wears is key. Some of the best, most well-made clothes can be seen anywhere from a farmers’ market to a fashion show so it all depends on your preference when walking out the door.

Note: Dark colors typically last longer, but never forget that there is also dry cleaning.

3. Comfort

Photo courtesy of manrepeller.com
Photo courtesy of manrepeller.com

Unless you’re one of those fascinating humans that can wear heels everyday, making sure you’re comfortable in your look is more important than where you got it – just like that perfect pair of pants that doesn’t suffocate when you’ve had a few beers. Just make sure to keep in mind where and how you spend your time as some styles work better when, for example, you’re sitting or standing most of the day. The last thing you want is to buy a new piece and have it be the most uncomfortable thing in your closet that you won’t ever punish yourself with again.

Note: Define your comfort level based on how you feel when you put it on to when you take it off. Being miserable in your outfit can throw you for the rest of the day, no matter how expensive or on-trend it is.

4. Details

Photo courtesy of manrepeller.com
Photo courtesy of manrepeller.com

One of the best ways to tell the worth (for you) of a piece is inspecting the finer details of the garment. If you love pockets, check for pockets. If you love to always have a hood, don’t buy a jacket without one. There’s no wrong way to shop if you know what you like and what you’re looking for. Plus, details show the craftsmanship that can easily be passed up when shops are focusing on the trend, not the construction.

Note: A detail can be anything from different colored buttons, a unique jacket lining or the cut of a top.

5. You Do You

Photo courtesy of vogue.com
Photo courtesy of vogue.com

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you like it. Trends come and go but some of them may speak to you for much longer than others. Different styles work for all types of people and can be worn in completely different ways. With so many garments being produced to look the same, spend time finding those pieces that make the garment for you, not the masses.

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