The sunset is coming a few minutes earlier, the nights are starting to get a nip in the air, and I even saw a tree in Vail this weekend with yellow leaves. We can’t deny it any longer: Summer is coming to an end.

But as we say goodbye to tan lines, pool parties and weekend float trips, we get to say hello to sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes and weekends with bae by the fire. We’re all in transition, whether starting school, a new job or simply embracing the new season.

As you transition, don’t let your makeup bag go forgotten. Set aside your summer go-tos and fill your cosmetic case with these five essentials for fall.



1. Blush

We spent all summer (and all of 2015) carefully sculpting our faces with bronzer and highlighter. While that’s all well and good for a sun-kissed and glowing summer look, blush is far more appropriate for winter.

While you’re clearly no longer sun-kissed, you can look rosy-cheeked and fresh. A pop of pink on the apples of your cheeks is a refreshing change from Kardashian-esque contouring.


2. Merlot Lips

The past four months have been full of pink glosses and rosy stains, and I know we’re all yearning to apply some vibrant, good old-fashioned lipstick. Fall, to be fair, does mean it’s getting colder, but that also means that there’s far less of a risk of your makeup melting off your face.

So grab that lipstick, creamy or matte, and celebrate the season of bold makeup. Dark wine hues will always be the chicest thing during the colder months, so pucker up and pass on those playful pinks.


3. BB Cream

Every good Colorado woman knows that it’s imperative to moisturize to protect skin from the dry Colorado conditions. Every woman who’s ever been alive during a summer also knows that mattifying primers and shine-control powders are necessary to avoid looking like a drowned rat. But colder temperatures mean drier skin, along with aggravating changes from bitter cold outside to heated indoors. The result is skin that is one missed moisturizing session away from drying out.

Always stay one step ahead and start using a BB cream. Not only will it give you a natural-looking finish, it will keep your skin dewy, not dry.


4. Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The only thing more annoying than a day so hot and humid that your curls fall and your sleek locks go frizzy, is a dry fall day that puts so much static in your hair you look like you got electrocuted.

A hair mask once a week will keep your hair moisturized and shiny.



5. Neutral Nail Polish

…the new neutral, that is. While beige and taupe had their moments, as well as oxblood and black, the best shade to paint on for fall is a soft purple-grey mix that is understated and chic down to the last manicure.

And just say no to the nail art. If you’re not Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus, it just really doesn’t work.