The Friday Experience: Kimberly Webber & Robert Davis Garner

“Temperance” – Kimberly Webber – Photo Courtesy of KW

Artwork is a magical journey of the soul. Each artist has something special to say and how he or she says it is expressed within their own particular style of art. This Friday’s Experience takes us on two different journeys; two distinctively composed artistically expressive works of art; Kimberly Webber and Robert Davis Garner.

"The Beholding" - Kimberly Webber - Photo Courtesy of KW
“The Beholding” – Kimberly Webber – Photo Courtesy of KW

Lapis Gallery welcomes Kimberly Webber to their First Friday Opening Reception as a solo exhibition, August 7, 2015, 6pm –10pm. “My works can be described as contemporary symbolist paintings; modern magical realism rooted in antiquity. Archetypal figures appear through organic abstraction patterns,” smiles Webber and continues “The physical act of painting begins with the clean white page or pristine canvas, perfection, unlimited pure divine potential, but the perfect white surface calls the black charcoal or ink markings to itself in order to experience contrast, polarity and tension, in order for there to be something to look at.”

Kimberly Webber’s work allows the viewer to take an expedition that connects with “the shamanic messengers who encourage humanity to remember their true powers of compassion, love and interconnectedness.” The depth and meaning is not lost.


Join Lapis Gallery as they welcome this Taos, New Mexico artist for an incredible artistic experience, Friday, August 7, 2015, 6pm – 9pm, 3971 Tennyson Street, Denver. Lapis Gallery is located in the historic Tennyson Art District. This is a must attend event.

Art is as different as the artists who create it. Each has a life story to tell with meaning and intrigue.

"Head 1" - Mixed Media - Robert Davis Garner - Photo Courtesy of RDG
“Head 1” – Mixed Media – Robert Davis Garner – Photo Courtesy of RDG

The Highland Park Lobby Art Series welcomes Robert Davis Garner for a solo exhibition, “Meet The Artist/Meet Your Neighbor” this Saturday, August 8, 2015, 6pm –8pm. Garner’s process and talents may not be so different or unique than other artists as he describes it. “Basically I start with an image, mostly heads, and proceed to paint over and re-work the image. Taking parts away, adding back to them and repeating till usually there is no longer any part of the original piece visible or maybe a small piece showing through,” states Garner and continues “Through the many layers you get a certain depth to the painting. From a distance it may look fairly flat, but once you look close you see many layers and depth. A lot like people offer layers and complexities to life.”

Robert Davis Garner’s work is explosive in color and style. He doesn’t shy away from exploring and challenging his artistic method. Playful yet serious in depth. Join Highland Park as they welcome this Colorado Artist for what will be a insightful opportunity to “Meet The Artist”, Saturday, August 8, 6pm –8pm, 2424 West Caithness Place, (30th & Zuni), Denver. Taco Bar provided by La Loma and beer tasting provided by Diebolt Brewery. This is a must attend event.

Here’s to seeing you Out & About for this First Friday and Second Saturday Art Events – celebrating two wildly different artists. Come on out and start or add to your art collection. Cheers!

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