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Image: Wari Om Photography

Lena Dunham isn’t exactly the epitome of physical fitness. Yet the writer and star of HBO’s Girls shared her enthusiasm for AcroYoga in a March 12 interview with David Letterman. Referring to a photo of herself balancing upside down on Koha Yoga teacher Whakapaingia (“Whaka” for short), Dunham educated the now-retired late show host. “That is called AcroYoga. Believe it or not, that takes a lot of core strength. I say this with a lot of self-love: Behind the wall of fat, my stomach muscles are doing a lot. If I was this adventuresome in my early 20s, I would’ve had a better time in the boyfriend department.”

Image: Annabelle Denmark
8/23 @ Kindness Yoga (Image: Annabelle Denmark)

Denver AcroYogi Jen Cameron was captivated. “I was thrilled! I loved how excited Dunham was about AcroYoga. It was exciting to hear her talk about AcroYoga teachers that I have met. I love to see AcroYoga getting more attention in the media as it becomes more mainstream.”

Cameron is the co-founder of Flight Club, a Denver-based AcroYoga community. She and teaching partner Austin Goodman are leading a five-week AcroYoga series that gets underway this Sunday, August 23 at Kindness Yoga. “Remember when you played ‘airplane’ with your dad as a kid? That’s a good visual to begin with. AcroYoga is a combination of yoga poses and partner acrobatics. There is a base and a flyer; the base supports the flyer in poses by lifting them with his or her arms and/or legs. There are a wide variety of AcroYoga poses and ‘moves’ from simple to complex.”

Cirque du Soleil acrobats basket tossing one another into a four-high stack would qualify as complex. While Cameron’s come a long way since first trying AcroYoga five years ago, even performing with Goodman at venues like City Hall Amphitheater and The Dairy Center in Boulder, she doesn’t see touring with Cirque in her future. Still, if Dunham has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to be an athlete or an advanced yogi to try AcroYoga. “Having movement or athletic experience may help you, but it is not required. We teach AcroYoga in a very accessible way so that it can be experienced by all.”

Flight Club: An AcroYoga 5-Week Series gets underway this Sunday, August 23 at the Broadway location of Kindness Yoga. To learn more or register, KindnessCollective.com/Events-Workshops. Featured image courtesy Wari Om Yoga Photography.

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