This Thursday, 303 Magazine will host The White Party to celebrate its 11-year anniversary. But for all you foodies out there, you’re probably wondering why you should attend this event. While The White Party is known for great pop-up shops and its runway show, featuring local boutiques, what many don’t know is that the event will also feature local restaurants. So in order to celebrate our anniversary in style, we’ve partnered up with AikoPops and A Taste of the Philippines. Read on to learn about our two participating vendors, and then make sure to get your tickets today.

A Taste of the Philippines

A Taste of the Philippines. Photo by Candace Peterson.

A Taste of the Philippines. Photo by Candace Peterson.


What: Traditional Filipino comfort food.

When thinking of what companies we should have provide bites for The White Party, we couldn’t help but think of A Taste of the Philippines. The Colorado owned food truck has been serving authentic Filipino food for three years and has even provided bites for 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend in the past. But what makes this truck such a fan favorite is its menu. Serving up traditional dishes like pancit—which is rice noodles with onions, garlic, cabbage, carrots and green beans. To learn more about this food truck, go here.



Photo Courtesy of Aikopops

Where: 1284 S. Pearl St., Denver

What: A Denver eatery featuring sandwiches and Denver’s original ice pop.

Located on South Pearl Street, this eatery was recently named one of the best ice cream shops in the nation and for a good reason. Each pop is not only delicious but handmade with local and organic ingredients. But don’t think that AikoPops’ dedication to health means its desserts lack flavor. Some of its offerings include blackberry lemonade, coconut Nutella, watermelon mojito and over 78 other specialty flavors. So really, AikoPops is a dessert lover’s dream. And this Thursday your dreams will come true as AikoPops will serve up some of its signature pops at The White Party.

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