4 Beauty Looks to Match Your White Party Style


The 303 Magazine White Party, featuring the Poolside Fashion Show, is just around the corner, so hopefully by now you’ve picked out your all-white outfit and accessories to go with.

If you’re on top of your game and have everything all laid out and ready to go, you likely already understand the difficulty that goes into creating a white outfit that is stylish rather than baptismal. So first of all, give yourself a pat on the back – the hardest part is over. But have you thought of how to match your makeup?

Here are four great beauty looks to match your white outfit, no matter what your style.




You’re the timeless beauty who’s likely keeping the accessories simple with Swarovski or gold jewelry. Keep your look classy from head-to-toe by applying a red lip and winged liner a la Marilyn Monroe.

For a perfect eyeliner flick follow the angle of your bottom waterline and continue up a few centimeters, and then fill in your eyeliner to the tip of your wing. Follow up with a few coats of mascara on your top lashes, and a neutral eyeshadow.

Take the difficulty out of finding your perfect red hue by checking out the L’oreal Collection Exclusive Lip Color. Find the celebrity closest to your skin tone and voila! Instant red lip perfection.




Bronzed Babe

Your main accessory for this party is definitely your sun-kissed skin. Who needs necklaces and bracelets when your outfit perfectly sets off your summer tan? Take it up a notch by putting on body lotion with a little bit of a shimmer in it. Not enough to look like a Cullen, but enough to give you a goddess-like glow.

A great blush will really open up your face, and it’s a safe bet that you can skip the bronzer. A pink gloss paired with some shimmery, gold-toned eyeshadow will keep up your glowy theme. Apply some black liner to the tops and bottoms of your eyes and finish off with a few coats of mascara and you’ll be turning heads all night.





Crown Jewel

You’re the girl who needs to have as much color in her outfit as is in her personality. All white outfit? That just means you get to load up on bright, bold jewelry. Lucky you, because not only is jewel-toned makeup completely on-trend right now, but it’s always gorgeous and fun.

Don’t go too crazy though, either play with your eyes or your lips, and keep the rest of your face neutral with just some light blush. If you’re going for eyes, try out the craze that was all over the spring runway: a purple smokey eye. Double points for all you brown-eyed girls out there, because  purple will really make your eyes pop. If you love a great lipstick then try neon orange, bold magenta or, if you’re really brave, an electric blue.





Wearing white might feel totally foreign to you, as you’re typically more of an all-black kind of girl. Have no fear though, you badass, you. You can still totally convey the real you with how you dress up your face.

This is the time for the smokiest smokey eye you’ve ever put on. If you have a darker complexion, you can even try out some black eyeshadow, but the fairer you are, the further up the spectrum you need to go, from dark brown to beige.

Line your top lashes with a good, smudge-proof liquid liner and exaggerate your wings. Line your bottom water line and smudge it into your lashes. Finish off with some great mascara, and keep your lipstick nude.

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