Journey, Art, Adventure; a blended fusion of artistic expression placed directly in front of you can enlighten all of your senses.

A journey not so far from home; Mirada Fine Art Gallery just a short drive from anywhere along the metro Denver area. Art, because we all need it in our lives. Adventure, because Art is always an adventure into the exploration of our own mind and soul.

"Connection" - Mirada Fine Art

“Connection” – Mirada Fine Art

“Mirada Fine Art seamlessly fuses two artists from vastly different cultural backgrounds and life experience in one stunning exhibit, CONNECTION. Uniting the artists is their emotional and intellectual reaction to the physical world and its connection to the human psyche. Representative human figures and the roots and branches of trees frequently intertwine in the spare and eloquently simple multi-media sculpture of Jennyfer Stratman, depicting our bond to Nature. Splitting her time between studios in Australia and Arizona, Stratman brings her newest work to Colorado for this exhibit. Perfectly complementing Stratman is Javier Lopez Barbosa, whose impressive arsenal of technical ability results in gloriously bright abstract landscape paintings reflecting the vibrant culture of his Mexican heritage. Barbosa is also shown exclusively at Mirada in Colorado.”

"Spired Anatomy" - Jennyfer Stratman - Photo Courtesy of Mirada Fine Art

“Spired Anatomy” – Jennyfer Stratman – Photo Courtesy of Mirada Fine Art

Mirada Fine Art has always elegantly poised within their artful walls some of the most incredibly talented artists. CONNECTION is the “Disparate Artists Converge Through Connection with Nature” is a stunning representation from Arizona born and raised artist Jennyfer Stratman and Javier Lopez Barbosa from Mexico.

Stratman’s work is a “25-year personal journey contemplating the interior landscape of the human psyche and how it interacts with the exterior world.”

Barbosa allows “the vibrant and energetic color, music and culture of his childhood surroundings in Mexico are frequently represented in the vividly-hued abstract expressionistic landscapes he produces. Like Stratman, the external world combined with internal feelings guides what appears in his art.”


"Joyous Light" - Javier Lopez Barbosa - Photo Courtesy of Mirada Fine Art

“Joyous Light” – Javier Lopez Barbosa – Photo Courtesy of Mirada Fine Art

You won’t be disappointed with the level of artwork that you will encounter at Mirada Fine Art. They have something for everyone, and while that sounds like a cliché, it is not. Whether you are a serious collector or just beginning to understand what it means to collect, step out and inside the artistic comfort zone of Mirada and experience what it means to see world class art up close and personal.

CONNECTION opens tonight, Friday, July 31, with an artist reception from 6:00-9:00 p.m.; the exhibit runs through August 23, 2015.




Please join Mirada Fine Art as they welcome the artwork of Jennyfer Stratman and Javier Lopez Barbosa. Be a tourist in your own state and take a short drive out of town.

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