Fashion and movies have long coincided with each other — some of our most beloved films and television shows center around the fashion industry and the luxurious lifestyles of the people within it (Ehem… Carrie Bradshaw and “Sex and the City”).

We obsess over our favorite characters whose day-to-day means designing fabulous clothes, like Reese Witherspoon in “Sweet Home Alabama,” or even making a coffee run for your narcissistic boss look flawless. Think “The Devil Wears Prada.”

The glamour of the fashion world fused with the glitz of a Hollywood movie packs one serious punch. As we prepare for our Poolside Fashion Show coming up this Thursday, July 23, we’re taking a look back at five of the best fashion films featuring runway shows – some serious, some for the sake of a laugh, but all equally enchanting.

Here are 5 (unexpected) films with the best fashion shows:


Though intended to be a parody of the fashion industry and male models, specifically, this film quickly became a cult classic. There were designer cameos throughout, ridiculous fashion and our introduction to what is now the most famous “look” of all time: Ben Stiller’s “Blue Steel.”

The fashion show features clothing made entirely from trash, speaking to the industry’s tendency for unwearable fashion. Oh, and if you haven’t yet, check out Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson taking over the Valentino runway at Paris Fashion Week to announce their upcoming sequel, “Zoolander 2.”


While the storyline itself doesn’t necessarily center entirely around a fashion show, it’s the point in the story where everything falls into place for the two main characters, played by the hilarious Dwayne brothers.

Taking place at a Hampton’s “all-white party,” the fashion show features feathery fashion, very aggressive runway posing, and a cameo of the infamous Bjork swan dress.


Nothing has you rooting for the success of a character more than a cheating husband and an unrelenting army of best girlfriends. Mary Haines, played by the adorable Meg Ryan, has all of the above. Beaten down by the demise of her marriage, meeting the new girlfriend, and having put her life on hold for too long, Mary finally has had enough and decides to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

In her runway debut at the end of the film, not only do her designs warrant her the attention from big name designers, we can’t help but cheer for the big BOO-YA! to follow when her ex realizes what he’s lost.

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“Sex and the City” has become a staple in the Hollywood version of the fashion industry. Nearly a decade worth of lusting over Carrie Bradshaw’s clothes every Sunday night finally came to an end when the series went from the small screen to the big. And that means the fashion got bigger too.

Though the storyline centers around Carrie’s rocky relationship, a snippet of New York Fashion Week brings us back to the root of why we love “Sex and the City”: the fashion.

It would be impossible not to include what some consider to be the most beloved fashion film of the millennial generation in the running. We root for frumpy Andrea Sachs from the get-go, even in her bad tights and “comfortable shoes.” But as the movie progresses, so does Andie’s fashion, and all is on display for the long-awaited trip to Paris Fashion Week.

The fashion show, set to U2’s “Blinding Lights,” a pairing so good the fashion gods must have done it themselves, leaves even the most unbelieving wide-eyed and mystified. Check out the epic scene below:

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