Coloradans know that we can count ourselves as lucky that we live in such an awesome state. The mountains provide a wealth of activities no matter what the season is, from rock climbing in the summer to snowboarding in the winter. It’s the climate and the outdoors that make Colorado so great.

But for the fashionistas of our great state, our relationship with the outside world can be bitter sweet.

For the days when you’re switching your snowboots for heels and your sweaty bun for an actual ‘do, here are the five essential beauty hacks to be as beautiful as the Rockies.


1. Moisturizer

The first thing I noticed when I moved here seven years ago was how incredibly dry it is. The second I stepped off the plane I could feel all of my skin dry out. It’s imperative that you find a moisturizer that really works for you, and keeps your skin healthy, glowing and youthful.




2. Sunscreen

Let’s face it: For as active as we are here, you’re going to end up with a tan one way or another. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stupid about it. Sunscreen still lets you get some color in your cheeks, but it’ll save you from turning into a leather-faced orange once you hit about fifty.

If you can, try and apply to your whole body, but at the very least make sure you slather on at least an SPF 30 every day.


3. Lip Balm

If dry skin annoys you, it’s nothing compared to chapped lips. They hurt, they’re annoying and in no way are they attractive. At the very least everyone should have some basic chapstick on them at all times, but if you’re wanting to indulge your femininity, there is a wealth of tinted lip balm today.

Pick a soft, pretty pink for the daytime, and an intense wine for the night.


4. Water

Should you have another glass of water? Yes. The more water you drink, the healthier your skin will be. It reduces blemishes, fights signs of aging and makes your skin glow. And the higher up in altitude you go, the more you need.

And you can even look at this as one more chance to accessorize: Find a cute water bottle and keep it with you always; it will remind you to drink up!




5. Clear Eyes

I know what you’re thinking, but Clear Eyes serves a multitude of purposes. Of course, in our land of legal weed, it can help you reign in those red eyes so you can participate in regular society without bringing yourself too much unwanted attention.

But as many of us (and especially the contact-wearers) know, the same dry climate that affects our skin and lips will also dry out our eyes. And statistically speaking, people with very white eyes are more attractive because it indicates good health, so there’s that.