The quality and style of each artist is unique to their being, almost like a fingerprint. How each artist creates his or her artwork can be just as distinctive. Colorado artist, Andrew Baird is one such artist who has tossed aside the traditional easel by placing his canvas on the floor. He builds upon each large canvas, layer after layer by using a simple stick to drip and stream across each canvas. Baird allows each layer to dry between his daily painting sessions, ultimately creating a recognizable portrait.

Andrew Baird at work in the studio - Mirada Fine Art

Andrew Baird at work in the studio – Mirada Fine Art

“Optical blending occurs when you give the viewer’s eye what it’s looking for,” explains Baird. “When enough dark colors are placed in a certain location, in my case with paint drip lines, the viewer sees the shadow that logically should be there. I like that people study each painting and think about its creation.”

“Called the best artist in our state by 5280 Magazine in 2011, Andrew Baird’s distinctive style and undeniable talent has brought international attention. However, Baird is quick to point out that the first of his family arrived in Colorado in 1867, and he cannot think of any other place as home.” *


Join Mirada Fine Art and Andrew Baird for an artist reception tonight, Friday, June 19th, 6p.m.- 9p.m. as Baird’s new collection Beautiful Chaos is showcased. The exhibit runs June 19th – July 12th, 2015. This is Andrew Baird’s first exhibit in Colorado in three years. Welcome home Andrew.

"Diana" - Andrew Baird - Mirada Fine Art

“Diana” – Andrew Baird – Mirada Fine Art

Mirada Fine Art is just a short drive from downtown Denver, Evergreen, Littleton, Lakewood, Golden and virtually all Denver metro areas. Mirada has been named the Best Art Gallery in Colorado by the American Art Awards for the past three years.” * Mirada Fine Art, 5490 Parmalee Gulch Road, Indian Hills, CO 80454, 303-697-9006.

Andrew Baird resides in Evergreen, and has worked as an artist and art educator for over thirty years. This exhibit will showcase Baird’s signature style of “gorgeous faces, an American flag, a portrait of Andy Warhol-like pop art object” and more. “Baird’s work has been displayed in exhibits throughout the world, and held by private and public collectors alike, such as Robert Redford and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.”

Andrew Baird - Mirada Fine Art

Andrew Baird – Mirada Fine Art

Experience something that may be new and different to your artistic taste buds. Take a short drive to Mirada Fine Art and experience artwork up close and personal. And, who knows, maybe you will walk away a collector. Here’s to seeing you out and about within our wonderfully artistic world.



* Please note: some quotes were taken directly from the press release.