It seems that the monsoon season is finally behind us here in Colorado, and we’ve hit the ground running with summer. As we all know, summers in Colorado mean trying to find the perfect balance between moist and matte.

The weather is so fantastic that there’s bound to be a long list of can’t-miss events, like the 303 Magazine Pool Parties, where we all want to look our best. Here’s everything you need to get a non-melting, long-lasting, not mummified-matte look to last you for the next three months.


1. Oil Blotters

Some people will swear to you up and down that the solution for summer skin oiliness is keeping a compact on hand. But if you’re combatting oil with powder, you’ll find yourself applying again and again. Though you might be dry-faced, you’ll also be a cake face, and that’s a look that’s never cute.

Instead, opt for oil blotting sheets. Keep a packet in your purse all summer and you’ll stay shine-free and fresh-faced. Pro-tip: In a pinch, a tissue or some toilet paper will do essentially the same thing.


2. Baby Powder for Chafing

I never envy girls with a thigh gap more than in the summer months, and it’s because they don’t have to deal with the insufferable chafing that occurs when your thighs rub together. Nobody, not even us thicker-thighed girls, should have to tough it out through chafing, and now we don’t have to.

A little bit of baby powder goes a long way here. Pat it on your inner thighs and rub it in until it’s no longer noticeable. You are now armed and ready for your shortest shorts and flowiest sundresses.


3. Mattifying Primer

For the most part I will advocate the less-is-more policy when it comes to summer beauty. But the one product you should layer on everyday (in addition to your SPF, of course) is a silicone-based mattifying primer.

Silicone primers won’t melt no matter what, whether it’s humidity, sweat or any other warm weather woe. Give it at least two minutes to set before continuing on with your beauty routine. Your makeup will last much longer with a primer to grip on to.


4. BB Cream and Blush

If there is one universal truth, it’s that everyone looks better with a tan, so let that sun-kissed, glowing skin shine through. Use a lighter hand with your foundation, cover-up and powder, and try to get down to the bare necessities.

A BB cream will moisturize you all day, without looking too heavy or clogging your pores. Cover any blemishes with your normal cover-up, and try a cream blush – it’ll blend better with your BB cream and is less likely to get streaky or build up like powder blush. These two products will be everything your face needs.


5. Waterproof Eye Makeup

There’s no getting around this one. Waterproof eye makeup is essential for summer – your normal products will melt and smudge and your mascara will inevitably rub off onto the skin just underneath your eyebrows. We all love a defined eye, no matter what the season, so switch to something more long-lasting. Just remember that removing it will require a little more work, so stock up on some makeup removers as well.

Another option, of course, is using summer as an excuse to finally try out those eyelash extensions – they’ll last up to two months and you won’t have to do any work at all.


6. Lip Stains

Nothin’ sounds worse than the thought of wearing lipstick on a day when the temperature is reaching the triple digits. Instead, try a stain. They are seriously heaven-sent. Not only are they long-lasting, but just as the name suggests, they just stain your lips, leaving you free from worrying about smudging, spreading, or fading lip color.

If you’re dead-set on wearing lipstick, consider utilizing lip liner. It’ll help your lip wear to stay exactly where it’s supposed to.