If it weren’t hard enough for the men of Denver to stay in style, Colorado summers bring challenges of their own: dry heat, close proximity to the sun, lack of wind and the slight chance that at any minute the weather could change from hot and sunny to dreary and rainy.

So this summer we’ve partnered with local menswear boutique Steadbrook to give all you guys out there tips on how to surive a Colorado summer in style.

Here are 5 tips on staying stylish during the summer:

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1. Less is more

Summer is the most causal season of all, so keep your wardrobe simple yet classic. The best way to stay stylish without the sweat this summer is by pairing a black or white t-shirt with a simple jean or short. Your look will not only be easy to throw on in the morning, but can be worn to a Rockies game, or to grab a scoop of ice cream.

2. Add color

While and black are probably the best colors ever, but it’s not the best to wear all black when walking around in 90-degree heat. So this summer, add in pops of color to your outfit, like these colorful blue shorts. Both your style and body will stay cool all summer long.




3. Layer it up

Colorado’s weather is sporadic, and the best way to stay in style and be prepared for the weather is by layering. The key to layering successfully during the summer without having a heat flash or being soaked is by keeping your fabrics light and bright. Whether you choose to throw a t-shirt under a button up or bring your signature hoodie, you’ll be thankful for the layers come rain or shine.

4. Choose the fabric wisely

If you don’t want to be sweating uncontrollably, keep your fabrics lightweight during the summer. Pair button-down linens with light-weight joggers, and you’ll be bound to turn some heads.

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5. Don’t forget to accessorize

If you’re keeping it simple and colorful with your clothes, you’ll need something to help spice up your look. You can achieve this by adding accessories. A summer ensemble is not complete without a pair of good shades or a good hat, so grab a Steabrook cap and some sunnies and get ready to have your style sizzle this summer.

Photography: Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

Wardrobe: Steadbrook 

Model: John Lundy