Ellen Kaye wants to talk about the weather. “I LOVE being outside,” says the Kindness Yoga teacher. “Practicing in the sunshine, on the grass, on the earth and feeling the breeze brings the body and heart into balance more quickly than anything I know. On that note, start praying for some sunshine.”

Sunday 5/31 @ Sunken Gardens Park

Sunday 5/31 @ Sunken Gardens Park (imagery: RC Visual & Visual Voice Photography)

Kaye is leading opening day of Yoga Rocks the Park on Sunday, May 31. Colorado boasts an average of 300 sunny days a year. Heavy recent rainfall suggests 2015 may not be typical, though. Still, YRP founder Erik Vienneau is optimistic. “I’m thrilled to open the seventh season of Yoga Rocks the Park in Denver with Kindness Yoga,” enthuses Vienneau. “Kindness is all about simply doing the right thing and being nice to one another. I can’t think of a sweeter way to kick off summer than to get together in the park for yoga, meditation and healthy food and drinks with good friends under the sunny blue Colorado sky.”

If the weather cooperates, Kaye has a simple plan. “I want this practice to be joyful for all levels. If I had to distill my number one goal as a teacher, it would be to help students personalize their practice and feel what’s happening internally. Once we start feeling, we have a much better chance at growing our happiness factor.”

Vienneau is understandably excited about this season’s events. Thanks to the generous participation of sponsors including 9Health Fair, Yoga Journal and local studios, YRP is free for all for the first time. “Yoga and meditation inspire peaceful minds and healthy bodies, which in turn create a peaceful world. All people should have access to yoga and meditation, and now, with our free admission event, they do.”

Yoga Rocks the Park’s opening day, presented by 9Health Fair and featuring Ellen Kaye and DJ Sundragon, transpires Sunday, May 31 at Sunken Gardens Park. Sponsors include Endorphin, Kindness Yoga, Mudra Yoga Studio, Peak Flavors Fest, Two Moms in the Raw and Yoga Journal. Donations to Food Bank of the Rockies are greatly appreciated. For further information, YogaRocksThePark.com