Now that the sun has finally decided to come out of hiding, the summer activities that make Colorado an outdoor destination are back again. They will take up every weekend from here until September, allow you to enjoy the heat and give you the opportunity to take photos that create envy across the country. You may complain that there are too many things to do but it’s hard to not take advantage of the beauty that is the great outdoors.

Depending on your destination or level of exercise desired, a weekend in Colorado can range from an afternoon soaking up sunshine at Denver Beer Co. to a three-day camping trip in the mountains. The beauty is as diverse as the style and there is no shortage of fun-filled attire for any adventure. Below are six of our favorite outdoor summer activities and the outfits that are key for each.

6 Looks for Your Favorite Colorado Activities

1. Microbreweries


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There are over 230 established breweries and more are popping up every year. They come equipped with a variety of beers and can include games, patios and food trucks for all who desire the full microbrew experience. If the sun is out, they can be seen packed full of both people and pups, and be one of the easiest ways to enjoy the weather.

Keeping it relaxed this summer in a maxi dress and sandals is easy but you can also spice it up with a staple vest and hat. Finding a balance with a relaxed, yet feminine outfit is key for an afternoon focused on consuming a few of your favorite brews.

2. Parks


Whether you enjoy volleyball, walking your dog or lounging with friends, there are multiple parks in Colorado that cater to each. You can spend an entire day at the park soaking up the sun in a bathing suit and just as easily transfer the look to a casual combination of spring break meets Sunday brunch.

A casual top and tote bring together any outfit and will leave you feeling fashionable all afternoon. A few pops of color will go a long way and your favorite ripped shorts work great over a suit, amongst your friends playing volleyball.

3. Tubing/Rafting


There’s more to do in the mountains than hike, especially when a river runs through it. For a more casual activity, tubing is a great way to float your way downstream and enjoy the sights from a different angle. Rafting is a little more intense but both activities are great for a summer out in nature.

Make sure to plan your attire for you could fall out of a tube or raft. A pair of waterproof shorts and cheap sunglasses are key to having fun without worrying about losing anything expensive. Add a funky T-shirt over a bathing suit that can handle a few rapids and your day of fresh water brews will be good to go.

4. Hiking

unnamed-1You don’t have to spend the extra time traveling for a long walk in the woods. Colorado offers hikes that are long, short, scenic and populated, and a lot of which are less than an hour away.

Make sure to include boots and a hoodie as the weather gets more unpredictable the higher you elevate. A fun head wrap can also add a little character to any hiking outfit while also balancing out a mountain man look for any adventure.

5. Festival

unnamed-3Markets like Denver Flea have created an atmosphere full of artisans and even more fashionable visitors. You’re going to have just as hard of a time not buying something there or participating in the local wine and beer scene that makes these festivals an event not to miss.

You can rock a funky midi skirt and heels but just as easily throw on a romper that you’ve been trying to work into your wardrobe. Espadrilles are all in this season and their comfort-meets-classy look is perfect for any outdoor activity in the city.

6. Red Rocks


Red Rocks is a great place to get exercise during the day but an even better music venue at night. Its natural acoustics, insane views and variety of music can be matched by no other. When trying to plan for a night out in Morrison, always make sure to plan for any weather condition. There are worse things than being drenched mid-show at Jack White but a rain coat in Colorado is just as cool as a Birken in Brooklyn.

Pair the basics with a few added features. A pair of heart sunglasses or a funky hat are both great additions and will take any show attire to the next level.