The summer months are upon us, and the heat index calls for a different relationship with your cosmetics.

It’s hotter, more humid, and the days are way longer. As a result, your makeup routine has to adapt – it’s far less simple than your winter plan.

Here are five beauty tips you need to beat the heat this summer.



1. Don’t Let Your Face Shine

Summertime in Colorado means that the temperature goes up and so does the humidity. Therefore we, as women, really have to think about what we’re putting on our face.

Makeup that looks good in winter could very well make us look like an oil spill come summertime. Choose mattifying primers that are long-lasting, like this Smashbox option, so that even if you’re sweating it, no one will know.


2. Let Your Natural Hair Grow

If there’s ever a time when long hair is in, it’s summer. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to everything slightly unkempt and messy.

However, given the high risk of chlorinated water and extended time between visits to your hair dresser, you need to give a little extra care to your hair. Intense moisturizing and intense care for your ends will do wonders.




3. Pump up the Color!

Color is tempting and summer is the time to give in to the temptation. Not to mention, this year has been a year for every color under the sun to gain popularity as a hair color. We’ve seen lavender, rose and even silver as completely acceptable hair tones.

So if you’re ready (and your work place is willing) go ahead and take the plunge. Colored hair is meant for a good time, not a long time, and your summer vacation is the perfect time for it.

4. Go (Relatively) Naked

Let your face breathe! Summertime equals pool time and easy days, and a 4-month allowance to let your natural beauty to take center stage. This time of the year is the perfect time for “no-makeup makeup.”

Basically, put aside anything that will come off if you have to spontaneously jump into a pool. Keep your skin fresh and put on some waterproof mascara, and apart from that, keep a light hand with the cosmetics brushes.


5. Embrace the Skin You’re In

There was a time when women were applauded for how tan they could get during the summer. We’ve reached a point, however, where we can appreciate everyone’s natural skin tone, regardless of how pale or dark it might be.

There’s nothing attractive about skin damage, so maintain your SPF throughout your summer activities, especially on your face.