Denver Fashion Weekend, an event full of design, discovery and a really damn good time, is here again for its spring show. Fashion in Colorado can be seen throughout each neighborhood, into the small corners of your favorite bars and on the runway of 303 Magazine‘s biggest event of the year. A night with some of the best designers and boutiques, welcome the new looks of the season while also spending a night out engulfed in the creativity of both local and international brands on one runway.

Colorado’s fashion scene is growing bigger every year and this four-day event is sure to be jam-packed with pieces for men, women and anyone who appreciates well-made clothes and tasty drinks. DFW is a great way to experience fashion on and off the runway as well as getting to know the best in hairstyling, food and much more. Whether it’s your first time or you’re interested in checking out different nights this time around, below are five tricks to making a well-dressed night out one you won’t regret.

5 Tricks To A Successful Fashion Show Experience

1. Long-lasting lipstick


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Taylor Swift made that classic look everybody likes but keeping up your lipstick game all night can be tricky. It’s not easy to put it on in the dark (unless you’re Jenna Lyons) so making sure you prepare ahead of time is the best way to keep your stain lasting longer. A night out in Denver’s fashion scene is a great way to hang out, have a few drinks and check out the catwalk. Picking out a lipstick that can make it through each cocktail without leaving a trace allows for a fresh look without the hassle of repeating bathroom breaks.

Recommendation: Revlon Long-Lasting Lipstick

2. Practical purse


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The last thing you want to worry about is having to hold too many things when you’re having too much fun. It’s important to make sure you have at least one hand readily available for holding a drink or snack but also the ability to take photos of some of your favorite looks during the show. It’s much easier to enjoy a night out when you don’t have to worry about bumping people with your bag, especially at an event that is packed full of other people with purses like that one you carry your life in. A clutch or fanny pack are both great options that make practical fashionable.

Recommendation: The Mighty Purse

3. Jewels on deck


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The photo booth is a great place to document your outfit of the night and a statement jewel just as easily keeps you from losing your friends mid-show. The sparkle of a staple necklace can be easily spotted in a crowd and also stands out in photos. You don’t want to be that person who continuously finds themselves lost in public so try standing out with a statement necklace or head piece. You’ll look good and won’t look like you lost your mom in a department store.

Recommendation: Bauble Bar

4. Shoes with lift


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You don’t have to wear your highest heels to stand above the crowd and have the best views in the house. The next best thing to watching from the front row is all in the platform shoe. The Spice Girls made it happen in the ’90s but they’ve made a comeback this year in a variety of styles that are both comfortable and cool. Plus, bringing out the platform with your favorite mini skirt and loose top is a great addition to a night jam-packed with fashionable looks for all style preferences.

Recommendation: Vintage slip-ons or anything revamped at Nordstrom

5. Pocket party


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Pockets are the perfect place for any business card or pop-up vendor purchase, plus there’s always a chance of finding a treasure months later. Whether it be your back pocket or a well-hidden one in your favorite dress, making sure you have room to store the momentums of the night is the best way to document what you see, eat or purchase.

Recommendation: Dress or Skirt with hidden pockets

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