Not sure how to spend your thirsty Thursday night this week? After all it is the new Friday, and you wouldn’t want to be THAT person amongst your friends who doesn’t have a cool story to share once boring old Friday rolls around, would you?

I didn’t think so. Here is a suggestion that will meet, nay, exceed all expectations for a great night. Come on down to “Thursday Night Live” at Riviera at the Breakers and enjoy the soulful, jazzy sounds of Denver-based Danette Hollowell and her band, Vintage 3D. Hollowell’s vocals pack a punch and will leave you entranced, while her bandmates provide spicy, exuberant and rhythmic instrumentals- all coalescing into that beautiful sound we call jazz. The third installment of “Thursday Night Live” will not be one to miss!

The Breakers Resort rests on a 60 acre lake and offers stunning views, cold drinks, good vibes and of course, excellent local music. Happy hour begins at 5 p.m. and music starts at 7. So come early, have a drink, and stay late.

Spring is finally here and with it wonderful weather, happy people, and the chance to Carpe that Diem. Tell your friends and join us as we witness some great tunes and enjoy life in our beautiful state.

We caught up with the vocal extraordinaire herself to discuss some of her musical heroes and influences and what we can expect come Thursday night. Check it out below, and we’ll see you at the Riviera!

303 Magazine: How did you get started in music? 

Danette Hollowell: I started singing in church at age three; my father was a pastor and played jazz piano professionally. My mom would sit me on the piano, he would play and I would sing. He passed his love for music and performance on to me.

How would you describe your musical style? 

My music is heavily influenced by soul, gospel and jazz, with a modern updated signature R&B sound.

Do you play any instruments?

My voice is my instrument for now. I can find just about every note on a piano and I have fantasies of one day learning to play the piano, or the ukulele [laughs], but you have to cut off your nails to play those instruments and I love my naturally long nails. Maybe I’ll learn the harmonica; I don’t think you have to cut your nails for that one.

Do you sing in the shower? 

YES, all that steam on your vocal chords make it the best time to exercise your breathing and hit those Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey high notes. I love the intimacy of just me and my own voice.

Photo by David Rossa

Who are some of your musical heroes? 

I love Eryka Badu because her style is fresh and innovative. I love Andre 3000 because he has always been ahead of his time. I love Raphael Saadiq because of how he grows and changes with music over the years. I love Prince because he showed us all how to be a brilliant artist and a businessman. I love Sade for her signature sound and to listen to her is truly an experience. I love and look up most to the female jazz greats, like Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn because those women were strong, had been through something and had a story to tell.

What’s your favorite type of clothing or outfit to wear while you play?

I am a fan of glitter and sequins for my stage attire, cocktail dresses, dramatic costume jewelry and hair accessories matched with Converses because I like to move. I keep it urban, jazzy, classy.

What’s your favorite venue or festival to play? 

Hmmm who gets the shot out? [laughs]. My absolute favorite festival to play is the “Juneteenth Music Festival.” This historic festival has been totally revamped and has a great turnout. The energy was amazing and Vintage 3D won the Juneteenth “Battle of the Bands” competition in 2014. Summer 2015 is going to be even better. “The Crown Social” is an upscale vintage antique store by day and swanky piano bar by night; I sing vintage jazz there First Fridays.


Photo by David Rossa

Are you currently working on any new music? 

Yes, I love working with a live band. Original music is important to us so we always play our stuff. Vintage3D recently finished a five-song EP and this warm weather has me inspired to get another project by winter.

What albums do you currently have on repeat? 

I’m one of those weird artists who doesn’t listen to a lot of music, but when I do “Lovers Rock” (Sade), “The Love Below” (Outkast) and a little of that new J.Cole do the trick.

Do you have any good tour stories? 

The first stop on on my very first paid tour was with a Swing ‘n’ Dixie big band at a Jazz Fest in historic Cedar Falls, Iowa. Dressed in flapper attire, I met and played with jazz, blues and Swing ‘n’ Dixie musicians and music lovers from all over the country. I remember receiving round-trip airfare, getting paid for my show plus additional spending money, free hotel stay, free food & drink and meeting kind, interesting people and all I had to do for this amazing mini-vacation was sing to people. I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life; I was in love.

You’re playing third in the all-new Thursday Night Live at the Riviera Concert Series, what can fans expect from your show?

I’m excited about playing at a waterfront venue and the opportunity to talk to 303. Expect futuristic soul and eclectic pop. Vintage3D will play original music with a few of my favorite covers — music that feels good, sounds good and makes you want to dance. Most of all, Vintage3D intends to put on an amazing show.

Written by Connor Young of 303 Magazine.

Photos courtesy of David Rossa.

Video courtesy of Vintage 3D.