DFW ’15: Interview with Designer Rachel Marie Hurst

Photo by Clint Earhart

 Denver Fashion Weekend is just around the corner for its four-night fashion extravaganza. Each night will bring something different to the table in order to please the fashionista in every attendee. This year, night three of the event on Saturday, May 2, will feature styles by local and international designers like Rachel Marie Hurst, who got her start in fashion at the University of Colorado.

Rachel Marie HurstHurst’s designs are fun and energetic, drawing inspiration from her love of music, the city and culture. Having a background in Colorado, ideas for her designs are often sparked by the surroundings and unique style choices.

“I am definitely inspired by my surroundings and the people I meet,” Hurst said. “Colorado fashion is so unique and amazing that you can take some really neat risks here that you can’t anywhere else. That is what I truly love about Colorado and the fashion scene. It is like a family and people are trying to build something great together which is such an inspiration within itself.”

Knowing that some of this family will be showing up at DFW, the largest local fashion event, Hurst wants to bring her A-game. She will be showcasing some new and exciting designs that embody her charm as a clothing label and as a designer. This charm usually tends to lean toward a balance of sweet femininity and edgy masculinity that is fun, but sometimes daring.

Preparing for the show has Hurst checking each detail while also balancing it out with a look of effortlessness. She tries to make sure that each model looks like she has fun getting dressed, whether with an interesting texture or by using a fabric in a unique way.

Photo by Kevin Alexander
Photo by Kevin Alexander

“I try to create a fun and energetic presence on the runway that is also sexy, edgy, flirty, chic and fierce,” Hurst said. To learn more about Hurst and her designs, visit her website.

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