If ever an artist was born to be an artist, then Ken Stock is this artist. Stock’s grandmother introduced him to oil painting and drawing at an early age, as she herself was a painter. Stock took to this expression of life and fantasy right away.


Robot Lips – Ken Stock

“I would consider myself a multi-medium artist,” states Stock “ I enjoy working with as many different mediums as possible. Spray paint and stencils, welded metals, pen and ink illustrations, oil and watercolor painting.” One might say he is a jack of all artistic trades and each artistic expression is just a exciting to view as the next. “Being able to create images and sculpt is a personal satisfaction.”

Salvador Dali was an initial influence in Stock’s early work. “I would draw surreal landscapes and incorporate fantasy images borrowing from the likes of Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby and comic book art in general,” smiles Stock. His style flocculates through the surreal and fantasy but his precision and technique to each of his artistic expressions is constant and skilled. “I create art for my own enjoyment. I’m not concerned what a critic may think or what will be commercially successful,” explains Stock and continues “Constantly creating whether visualizing in my mind or physically molding clay or drawing on paper.” Stock finds his inspiration from his hobbies, toys, comic books and pop culture. “I love collecting. I collect comic books, toys, pop memorabilia and kitsch,” smiles Stock “it keeps me entertained.”Art of Life Gallery is currently showcasing Stocks metal assemblage sculpture through March 28th, located at 200 Santa Fe Drive, Denver. “I always have artwork showcased at Joseph’s Artworks at 4066 South Clay Street, Denver.”

Ken Stock is also currently showcased at the Highland Park Lobby Art Series through June 5, 2015, with a ‘Meet The Artist/Meet Your Neighbor” scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 6p.m. – 8 p.m. Light Appetizers from local restaurant Fire on the Mountain as well as a beer tasting provided by Diebolt Brewery. Highland Park is located at 2424 W. Caithness Place, Denver, basically 30 and Zuni on the West side of Zuni. www.HighlandParkDenver.com

Robot Monkey - Ken Stock

Robot Monkey – Ken Stock

Stock’s philosophies for work; “Come in late and leave early,” he states with a chuckle and continues “Family, don’t take them for granted and for life, work as often and as much as possible.”

Ken Stock is an artist I have enjoyed watching develop, grow and push the limits of his style over the past 17 years. He is an artist that will bring a smile to your face with just his own smile, but he is an artist that doesn’t take his genius of artistic expression too serious. He allows himself to find a playful balance.

Come out and meet Ken Stock personally at the Highland Park Lobby Art Series, you know you have no excuse, and who knows maybe you’ll go home a collector.