As the winter weather rages on, why go outside when you can relax and detox inside with a revitalizing soak. Cozy up this weekend and draw a bath to help relieve your stress and entice your senses. With unique scents and thoughtful formulas these five bath products can help you relax, heal and treat a tired winter body. The best part of these luxurious treats; they are all under $30.

Best Bubble Baths



philosophy AMAZING GRACE Milk-based Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel – $24

Far and away a great pick for indulging in a hot night in. Amazing Grace formula is a triple threat and can be used as shampoo, shower gel and bath gel. With a gentle scent and a light pink shade this takes us to a sublime place right at home.


Kiss My Face Shower Gel & Foaming Bath, Cold & Flu – $11

Adding this foaming bath gel to your nightly soak can help you breathe easy and provide instant relief from a cough, sniffles and body aches to help you finally kick that winter cold that has been lingering.


Deep Steep Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath – $12

Deep Steep is formulated to help you get the best nights sleep. With rich tones of lavender and chamomile this is the perfect treat before you sleep.


California Baby Bubble Bath Aromatherapy, Calendula – $14

This bubble bath is not just for little one’s any more. Formulated with organic and sustainable ingredients you can calm you mind and your body. Calendula can also help soothe skin irritations.


Cowshed Shower Gels – $25

Cowshed Shower Gels play double duty, so whether you have the time for a long soak or a quick shower you can utilize these wonderfully scented baht gels.