We all know the old, cliche Valentine’s Day date. It involves (not in this order) roses, champagne, a nice dinner, chocolates, flowers and something pink and fluffy, either handcuffs or a teddy bear. And for the single person? Getting very, very drunk with your friends. 

In Denver, we are all about the unconventional route. Here is a list of some of the most fun, doped out and bizarre Valentine’s Day activities for couples and single people alike. 303 Magazine welcomes you to enjoy an unconventional Valentine’s Day for your unconventional sweetheart:

Puff, Pass, & Paint

Puff, Pass, Paint, photos by Lindsey Bartlett.

Puff, Pass, Paint, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

Join one of the coolest paint instructors in all the land this Valentine’s Day weekend for Puff, Pass, & Paint. Heidi Keyes is the mastermind behind one of the most fun, and most responsible, cannabis activities you can do in Denver. Read our article to learn more about 303 Magazine‘s amazing experience with the cannabis and canvas class.

  • Friday, February 13th 7p-9p
  • Saturday, February 14th 1p-3p Special Singles Class
These classes have been filling up fast, so act now. Heidi is also available for private group sessions. See the entire Puff, Pass, & Paint schedule lineup here.

greenlabsGreen Labs Events All Month Long

The amazing place that hosts Puff, Pass, & Paint is also holding some dope new classes for the entire month – pun intended. Here is a list of our favorites worth checking out in this safe, smoke-friendly environment.

Valentine’s Day 5-Course Meal and Cannabis Pairing

Stay at Green Labs for Saturday evening as there is a killer 5-course marijuana pairing meal with a romantic twist. Sponsored by L’Eagle and The Ampersand Project, hurry up to make a reservation before it is full! Sounds like a lovely Valentines Day in Denver.

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Much like rolling sushi, rolling joints is a true art form. Learn how to master both. Sponsored by joint rolling masters L’Eagledon’t miss this fun event coming to Green Labs soon.

  • Dates: February 20, 7-9:00 p.m.; March 7,  3-5:00 p.m.; March 15,  5-7:00 p.m.
Coffee & Cannabis
Coffee and cannabis? So f&*$king Denver, it’s disgusting. Learn to pair your favorite bean with your favorite flower!
Saturday February 28th 4p-6p

Red Room Experience: Sexy Singles’ Masquerade

“We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.”

Valentine's Day Masquerade Party, photo courtesy of Runt of the Web

Valentine’s Day Masquerade Party, photo courtesy of Runt of the Web.

If you’re thinking this looks like speed dating meets “50 Shades of Grey,” then you’re right. The Crimson Room is a sexy, sultry, hidden spot that will take singles to another era in dating and romanticism. Open bar, Hors D’Ouvres, and sexy performances by DJ Lea Luna, Acro Yogis Lani & Joe, and contortionist Kiley Magnolia, dress like your best version of “Christian and Anastasia,” which I can only assume means naked with your hands tied.

Paramount Cafe Singles’ Ball

Paramount Cafe Singles Ball, photo courtesy of Denver A List.

Paramount Cafe Singles Ball, photo courtesy of Denver A List.

The Paramount Cafe, in a historic and cushy spot along 16th Street Mall, hosts a single ball this Saturday night for Valentine’s Day in Denver. Celebrate your freedom with the other sexy singles and bachelors of Denver. Sponsored by Big Nose Beer and Nightlife Denver, download the Nightlife App and entrance is only $3 at the door. The party begins at 10:00 p.m.

Denver Voted #5 Best City in the Nation to find Love

Union Station photo Romeo Fernandez

Union Station photo Romeo Fernandez

It’s no surprise that Zillow voted Denver “the fifth best city to find love in the U.S.” Who needs a better reason than – it’s Denver! There are so many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes just looking for love, so get out there and find yours. To prepare, read our controversial and satirical lists of 12 Guys and 12 Girls You Date in Denver.

We hope you have a sexy and unconventional Valentines Day in Denver! Read our list of the must-see shows this weekend, plus follow us on Instagram for the best of the Mile High City!