3hree greatnessA little over a year ago, Francois Baptiste (3 Deep Productions) decided to expand his repertoire as a concert promoter and purveyor of hip-hop culture into artist development. He joined forces with Mic Coats along with KMG Studios and a slew of creative forces (including Ryan Frederick, Greg Smith and producer Akil) to create “The 3hree Project.” Built entirely from the ground up, Baptiste gathered the artists in the city he felt could see the vision through to the end with one purpose in mind: good music.

On Thanksgiving Day, the documentary chronicling the yearlong experience was released to crowning acclaim. Filmed, edited and directed by Fa’al Ali of Eazy Media and Leland Schmidt “We Are 3hree” opened with words of wisdom from Big Jon Platt  (Warner Chapell Music Publishing) and also Colorado native. Watch “We Are 3hree” below.

We see artists like The ReMINDers, Mr. Midas, F.L. of The Foodchain, Trev Rich and more working with hand-picked producers and engineers from KMG Studios. The result is some of the most inventive soundscapes to come out of the city. Not to mention, only a powerhouse team of management led by Francois Baptiste and Mic Coats could coach more than 13 artists who had never worked together all the way to the finish line.

The full-length project (recorded entirely at KMG Studios) comes out December 23rd, just in time for the holidays. In the meantime, 3hree is taking over the fourth quarter with the release of the first single “All Or Nothing” featuring F.L. and Leona Harper.

We’ve got the exclusive first listen of the single and Leona’s raw controlled vocals coupled with F.L.’s intricate raps over production by Akil proves they’ve got a hit. Listen below and tell us what you think.