4 Holiday Party Looks – Sequins Not Required

December is full holiday fêtes and events we can’t wait to attend and, more importantly, show off our best holiday looks. With Christmas right around the corner, we know you’re looking through your closet wondering how you can stand out at your parents’ for Christmas or downtown throughout the week this holiday.

This year, why not change things up and instead of grabbing your go-to sequined look try something different and unexpected? Besides, you don’t want to be a part of the numerous sparkling dresses throughout the party, only adding to the disco ball effect.

Here are 5 holiday looks to keep you from playing the ‘who wore it better’ game

Office Party




The annual office Christmas party is sure to end in some kind of debauchery, but don’t let it be your outfit. Depending on where you work you may not want to dress too fancy, it’s a time to let loose and mingle with your co-workers. Opt for something casual but still festive and add some sparkle with bold and quirky jewelry pieces. With a graphic sweater show you can laugh at yourself and still be stylishly you.







Christmas at the parents’

So it may not be the hottest spot in town, but it’s mandatory to show up for your parent’s holiday house party. Prove to your parents you’re a grown-up and a contributing member of society so they can brag about you to the neighbors with a sophisticated yet comfortable jumpsuit. A simple silhouette allows you to add that touch of sparkle with a beaded vest and some killer gold pumps. Jeweled drop earrings are perfect for topping this look off. Now it’s time to mingle with the neighbor kid you grew up with who has surprisingly blossomed.



Holiday House Party



If it’s not one of the myriads of ugly sweater parties you’ve been invited to now is the perfect opportunity to show off to your friends your fun fashion side. A fringed skirt is such a fun and unexpected piece and paired with a soft sweater brings the outfit away from being too dressed up. After all you’re still at a house party so you can relax a bit. Pointy wedge heels will also help keep your feet relaxed through the night as you make your way through the party showing off your social butterfly wings. A swipe of red lipstick and a statement cuff top off this fun holiday look.





A Night Downtown

This is the party where you can flex your stylish muscles and show everyone how it’s done. This year, feathers are surprising options for evening wear. Like fringe, feathers have a carefree and fun look to them and they’re unexpected. Remember you’re trying to stand out from the crowd of disco ball dresses. Statement heels in a matching color, so as not to clash with the dress, and crystal chandelier earrings help keep this dress elevated for your night out on the town.

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