Transform your look in the blink of an eye with Flash Tattoos. These beautiful temporary tattoos are jewelry inspired and artfully designed for the serious and playful fashionistas on the hunt for the newest accessory. So let’s ask the question that begs to be asked: would you rock this trend?



How to apply?

Remember the days of temporary tattoos with pictures of My Little Pony and Batman?  Well the process hasn’t really changed since then.

Step 1) Cleanse your skin. For the best results take a makeup remover pad, or clean washcloth and wipe your skin clear of dirt and oils. This will help to ensure a better application and longer lasting Flash Tattoo beauty.

Step 2) Cut the each individual design down as close as you can. This will help when creating intricate designs.

Step 3) Peel the clear cover and align the tattoo on your skin. Press the Flash Tattoo design face down onto your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for 30 seconds or slightly longer if it a larger design.

Step 4) Lift the paper and tap down the corners with the wet cloth. Try not to move or stretch the skin in the first 10 minutes. Flash Tattoos are very delicate so they can tear if you move too much before they set. These tattoos get better and shine brighter within the first two hours after application.



How long do they last?

Flash Tattoos can last 4-6 days depending on the amount of activity. On day three they will tend to loose a bit of their luster but they are still very beautiful. Help keep your tats looking fresh by avoiding lotions, sunscreens and oils.



How many tats in a pack?

Each Flash Tattoo pack comes with 3-4 sheets of gorgeous tattoos. There are plenty to share.

Are they safe for your skin?

I have very sensitive skin and the Flash Tattoos did not irritate my skin at all. Flash Tattoos have passed all of the safety requirements for cosmetics and toy industries in the U.S. If you are allergic to adhesive, steer clear. Buy them as a stocking stuffer instead.


When removing the tats use Organic Coconut Oil. The tattoos come right off and it helps to re-hydrate your skin after the adhesive is removed.

Planning on taking a break from this cold weather already? Be sure to pack Flash Tattoos in your carry-on. These are essential for any pool party, festival or concert that is on your calendar.