Fashion How-To: Apres Ski Chic

It has been a cold week here in Colorado and you know what that means: it’s time to hit the slopes. Colorado is known for its diverse assortment of mountain ranges and ski courses. Every year thousands of skiers and snowboarders visit ski towns such as Aspen and Vail for some incredible runs. The slopes are then filled with oversized down jackets and insulated pants – quite a sight to see.

But the style really starts when we hit the streets of these ski towns. Apres ski style is a part of Colorado’s history, so here five must-haves for looking incredibly chic.

Fashion How-To: Apres Ski Chic

1. Stylish Skis


Before we can even think about apres ski style we need to pay attention to our skis. A pair of graphic skis help showcase your personality and style. INTERMIX, a very apres ski store, will be opening up in Aspen on November 24th. The store has collaborated with local artist, Andrew Roberts-Gray, and is offering some exclusively designed custom Icelantic skis. The artistry is eye-catching and is sure to make you stand out in a mass of white snow. Interested in these skis? You can find them at or click here, and be sure to look out for 303 Magazine‘s exclusive interview with INTERMIX in our Winter 2014 issue.

2. Fair Isle Sweater


A fair isle sweater is a winter must, especially when associated with winter snow. This classic piece is vital in any wardrobe and can be worn year after year. The term “fair isle” refers to a special type of knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It’s named after a small island off Scotland, and believe it or not … the knit became famous in the form of a tank top. This apres ski season, look for a classic black and white that won’t go out of style. Or get trendy with more graphic and colorful fair isle sweaters. You won’t have a problem picking these up as they are always a popular winter trend.




3. Essential Sunnies


Every Colorado native knows that sunglasses are much more essential in the winter than they are in the summer. When the snow has set and the sun is out, an intense reflection always seems to bounce off the ground. This is when sunblock and sunglasses are not a need but a must. There are a variety of sunnies to choose from. You can pick everything from a cat-eyed frame to a classic aviator. Try something new and look for reflective lenses that are reminiscent of ski goggles. These frames will not only keep your eyes safe but you’ll also be looking as good as ever.

fur boots4. Boots with the Fur

Keep your feet warm with something other than Uggs. Fur boots have been a longtime favorite of the apres ski crowd. You can go casual with a flat boot that will keep you comfy all day long. If that’s not your style, fur heels are fashion-forward and are only for the brave-hearted. One wrong step in these and you’ll be slipping on ice but fashion is all about compromises. You can easily find a pair of fur boots ranging in a variety of prices from stores such as Forever 21 and Neiman Marcus.



5. Accessories


One way to complete your apres ski look is to accessorize. Scarves, gloves and hats can finish off any outfit. Dress up the look with some fancy leather gloves or keep it casual with a knitted mitten. Chunky scarves are a must and will keep you warm after a run on the slopes. Add some personality to your ensemble through the hat. These days you can find beanies with large fur pom poms, shiny studs and even cat ears.

  1. It's so hard to find cute items for the stocky winter! Wow such great advice, I will definitely look cute down the slopes this year!

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