Cut Copy danced their way through the Ogden Theatre last Wednesday, taking audience members on a journey through time and space. It was hard not to shuffle to the ceaselessly moving beat supplied by these Ausssie dance heroes. Denver’s own Rose Quartz opened the show, backed by a new full-piece band. The band added to the fullness of their sound and as a friend put it, ‘was a complete rebirth for them.’ I would have to agree and was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly the duo worked the band into their mix, making for something much denser than their original sound. The energy from Rose Quartz was palpable and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

photo by Camille Breslin

Rose Quartz – photo by Camille Breslin

Rose Quartz - Photo by Camille Breslin

Rose Quartz – Photo by Camille Breslin

Cut Copy dove into their set, feeding off of the energetic vibes set by Rose Quartz and rounded the night into a poppy-dance battle between our feet and the ever-flashing lights. Though Cut Copy is a band with guitars, drums, keyboard, etc. their sound always lends itself to a disco-esque DJ set and fans are often surprised to see instruments on the stage. This shouldn’t be too surprising, however, considering frontman Dan Whitford was a former DJ. And it may be this production training that moves him to make Cut Copy’s live sets an over-arching attempt to make people dance.

Cut Copy - Photo by Camille Breslin

Cut Copy – Photo by Camille Breslin

While longtime Cut Copy fans relished in older tracks like “Where I’m Going,” others were ecstatic to hear songs from their newest album Free Your Mind, like “We are Explorers” and title track “Free Your Mind.” The eclectic mix of crowd members swayed and shimmied to the band’s fast-paced toe-tapping beats. Cut Copy’s ability to make an entire venue continue moving throughout the entire night is impressive and with scintillating vocals to match, these Aussies have made their mark on dance music.

Cut Copy - Photo by Camille Breslin

Cut Copy – Photo by Camille Breslin

For more photos from the talented, Camille Breslin, check out our gallery of the show here.

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