Caspa, a legendary DJ and producer from the UK, is returning to Denver for an intimate yet intense show at Cervantes Other Side tomorrow Saturday, November 28. Caspa is one of the original electronic music producers to break into the United States from England, and his rise to fame helped generate the momentum behind Electronic Dance Music in the US today. Caspa is a pioneer in the electronic music industry, constantly revolutionizing and revamping the sounds that are utilized across the genre. Caspa has honed his own sound and skills down to a science over countless hours of creation, rehearsal and performance, and he certainly puts those to work in each of his killer sets.

Photo from Caspa's Facebook

Photo from Caspa’s Facebook

Caspa’s live performances are a unique and awesome animal in their own right. Caspa takes the crowd on a sonic journey, moving high with fast paced, bass filled tracks that sends energizing shockwaves through the crowd, and then goes low with softer, more melodic songs that are overlaid with beautiful lyrics. These peaks and valleys clutch the crowd, making every person in the room lose control and dance like no one is watching. Caspa has a talent when it comes to controlling the energy of the crowd and throwing one wild party. This is a show that everyone should be disappointed for missing so make sure to buy your tickets now. Tickets can be purchased for $15 in advance or $20 the day of the show at Doors open at 8 PM and the show begins at 9. We hope to see you all there.