With only a few days until Herradura’s Barrel Head art event, 303 Magazine decided to pick the brains behind each unique piece of art that will be on display. Every artist has spent hours perfecting their barrel, in the hopes that they will be the one to win $1,000. With such great talent paired with such a great spirit, this event is bound to be mind-blowing. Be sure to vote for your favorite Barrel Head today, and reserve your spot to attend each Herradura Cocktail hour to meet the artists in person, and try a Herradura Signature cocktail.

Here’s what you’ll find at Herradura’s Barrel Head Art event:

Caballo by Ian Kane

Caballo-Ian Kane Machete

Photo Courtesy of Roman Tafoya

 Ian Kane’s BarrelHead will be featured at Machete October 28th from 6pm -8pm, RSVP NOW

ianartistpic303 Magazine: What is your favorite medium?  Do you have a favorite previous project? 

Ian: My favorite medium would have to be graphite and any acrylic medium. My favorite previous project would have to be a mural I did for Harley Davidson, it is located off I-70 and airport blvd. You can see it as you’re driving out to the airport.

What was your inspiration for your Herradura Barrel Head? 

My inspiration for “Caballo” started with the logo of the horse shoe, and I wanted to tie in the history of the horse/mules that they use to pull around the big stone wheel called the tahona. The tahona is what extracts the juices from the aguave pina. I also wanted to tie in some traditional Day of the Dead patterns and skulls which also go with the theme of the bar at Machete.This combination enabled me to express my style.

Why is your Barrel Head the best, why should you win the $1,000? 

It’s really hard to say who’s barrel head is the best. But if I could highlight why mine is the best, over all I would have to say it is the simplicity and the attention to fine detail, as well of making use of the wood and the barrel. I think I am the only artist that didn’t cover the entire barrel head, and I did this because I really wanted people to actually see what the medium was. The use of the negative space gives you that glimpse of the beautiful patterns of the wood and the vision to see that it is just as natural as the tequila making process. Also, hidden in the image are underlying characters, and images that were created as this piece grew into life. The reason I think I should win the $1,000 dollars is because I put a lot of thought and care into this project and it helps with funding all future supplies and projects, so I can continue sharing my love and passion for art with the world.  Learn more about this artist. 

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Enrique by Kelly D. Finn

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

Kelly’s Barrel Head will be featured at Paxia’s cocktail hour: October 28th from 7pm- 9pm, RSVP now

image-2303 Magazine: When did you start painting/creating?

Kelly:  I’ve been painting, sculpting and designing since I can remember.

What is your favorite medium?

I love having the ability to switch mediums from one project to another. After sculpting a huge piece of foam it’s nice to change gears and paint something delicate. Like many artists, I also enjoy taking something tossed away or forgotten and giving it a new purpose.

 What was your inspiration for your Herradura Barrel Head? 

I have a great friend and artist who works with Kentucky oak barrels often, and is famous for – among other things – his fabulous paintings of peacocks. He also enjoys a fine tequila! Here’s to you, Enrique Gonzalez!

 Why is your Barrel Head the best, why should you win the $1,000?

My Herradura barrel head conveys celebration, energy and sass. It’s original and eye-catching and shares the fun of a great Herradura cocktail!   Learn more about this artist.

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 The Essence of Margs by Kraig Labbe

Photo Courtesy of Roman Tafoya

Photo Courtesy of Roman Tafoya

Kraig’s Barrel Head will be featured at Margs cocktail hour: October 29th 6pm- 8pm, RSVP NOW

image copy303 Magazine: What was your inspiration for your Herradura Barrel Head? 

Kraig: The inspiration for my Herradura Barrel Head came from the rich vibes and international menu of Margs Taco Bistro.

What have you liked about working with Herradura and your restaurant venue for this project? 

I have liked the creativity Herradura has inspired in every artist with this contest. It’s a great way for everyone involved to open doors, build community, and have some fun. I have mostly enjoyed being able to work with my brother and help support and represent his restaurant with this project.

Why is your Barrel Head the best, why should you win the $1,000? 

I feel like my barrel head is the best because it illustrates the restaurant I am representing. As soon as you see it, you see Margs Taco Bistro. It brings together the fun atmosphere and menu of Margs in a comprehendible composition. I feel like I should win the $1,000 because I successfully and tastefully represented my host restaurant.

Is there anything else we should know about you?  

I feel blessed and fortunate to be out on the edge, sacrificing everything, for the hopes of finding success with KDklips, through my work ethic and passion for art. I believe Mr. Robert Frost said it the best; ” Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”   Learn more about this artist. 

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Vida, Muerte Y Tequila By Anthony Achilles

Vida, Muerta Y Tequila- Anthony Achilles, El Camino

Photo Courtesy of Roman Tafoya

Anthony’s Barrel Head will be featured at El Camino October 29th 7pm- 9pm, RSVP NOW

tony-8704mini303 Magazine: What have you liked about working with Herradura and your restaurant venue for this project?

Anthony: El Camino is a standing symbol of my community, it’s beauty, it’s love for celebration, and the tight familial relationships which it creates, and from which it is created. It has been no less than an honor to have been chosen to represent my friends, via my art. I happen to love good Tequila that I can sip and fully appreciate, and Herradura is at the top of my list. It seems like kismet to have been a part of this project. Also, the experience of meeting and working with my contacts at both El Camino, and Herradura, has been a rare pleasure. …Good folks, all.

Why is your Barrel Head the best, why should you win the $1,000?

The Herradura Barrel Head that I was handed was, to my eyes, already a thing of beauty; elegant, beautifully carved and finished hardwood. Rather than reducing the thing to simply being a surface on which to assert my art, I knew that I wanted to continue the process that was begun with the making of that beautiful object. I wanted it to be not me making art ON the Barrel Head, but a collaboration with whomever created the piece that I was entrusted with. So, by embellishing the carved relief by attaching things to the surface, and finally, by bolting on the horseshoe (which I have had hanging over the entrance to my North Denver property for decades) I have made the Herradura Barrel Head, it self, into a collaborative, “Sculpture”, not just a decorated surface.

The nature of mosaic is that it is incredibly labor intensive. Though it was indeed a labor of love and inspiration, this piece represents something in the neighborhood of 60 hours of very focused work. There is blood in it. I am very proud of it.Learn more about this artist.

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