The one and only Minnesota returns to Denver tonight to perform at The 1 Up on his massive Mind Machine Tour across the United States this winter. With thirty-seven shows scheduled across almost seven weeks, Mind Machine is set to be Minnesota’s biggest tour to date. With a slew of new tunes produced in the last few months and the fantastic up and coming DJ’s Jackal and G Jones opening for him, Minnesota is poised to strike Denver and the rest of the U.S. with a wild maelstrom of music. This team of innovative and original producers will certainly have many tricks up their sleeves to make this tour as insane as ever.

Minnesota’s style of music has evolved so beautifully over the past few years that it is magical to hear a mash up set of some of his favorite tracks from his career. Minnesota enjoys creating and playing heavy bass music and Glitch-Hop but with his own unique signature of uplifting melodic rhythms and synths laid over the undercurrent. Minnesota creates songs that dive head first into the whirlpool of electronic music and emerge as rumbling bass filled tracks with hard-hitting tempos, faster beats spliced with Hip-Hop influences or softer melodies that still have a lot of hype crammed into them. Minnesota’s live sets are a melting pot of these tasty ingredients, making for a roller coaster ride of a show filled with peaks and valleys of musical wonder. Minnesota has been lauded by many of his producer peers for his vision, and his songs certainly help pave the way for the future of electronic music.

Don’t miss Minnesota perform in Denver at The 1 Up on Colfax tonight, Saturday the 25th. Tickets can be purchased for $20 at This is an eighteen and older event and the doors will open at 8:30 with music beginning at 9 PM. We hope to see you there.

Photo from Minnesota's Facebook

Photo from Minnesota’s Facebook