Judy Gardner is an artist that continues to excite the mind and imagination of her audience. Each work of art takes the viewer on an adventure and her latest work is no exception.

"Without Regrets 2" - 3D - Judy Gardner

“Without Regrets 2” – Laser Etched Acrylic – Judy Gardner – Showing at Artists on Santa Fe


“I am a process junkie and I like to experiment, so I just lump it all into “Mixed Media” and leave it at that. I’m sort of a “tech head” as well so digital processes and printmaking have always attracted me,” smiles Judy and continues “Last year I started using a laser to cut stencils for printmaking and started finding a lot of other ways to incorporate the laser into my work. Then I had the opportunity to try out a 3D printer and totally got hooked.” Judy smile begins to grow. “The first two 3D printed pieces I made were accepted into a show at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art,” a bit of laughter then Judy continues, “so I guess I must have done something right.”

The spark of artistic inventiveness was lit. “Eventually I had to buy a laser cutter and a 3D printer for my studio so I can use them at all hours and whenever inspiration strikes,” states Judy. “The potential of technology sparks my imagination in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. A friend recently dubbed me, “The Nerd Goddess,” laughs Judy.

“When a piece turns out the way I envisioned it, or sometimes the piece takes on it’s own path and comes out way better,” laughs Judy and continues “then there’s this moment where it all falls together and I have to do a “Happy Dance” because it’s so cool. That’s the reward in being an artist.”


“Dream Vessel” – Collaborative Piece – Macy Dorf and Judy Gardner showing at Artists on Santa FE

All year long Judy Gardner keeps a diligent artistic schedule and this Fall is no different. All of the next listed events are must attend as they all share just a little different vision of all of the artistic works of Judy Gardner:

The Arvada Art Studio Tour is this weekend, September 13th and 14th 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. each day. The Arvada Art Studio Tour has several artists opening their studios for these two days to introduce the public to their artistic process. Judy’s studio, Alchemical Eye will include artworks by the following artists: Fred Reim, Sharon Meriash, Ken Phillips, Kristin Rankin, Anne Story, Eileen O’Brien and Judy Trujillo, just to name a few. Visit www.ArvadaArt.org for a full list of open art studios for this weekend’s artistic adventures. Artist Demonstration of monotypes with water-based inks will take place both Saturday and Sunday at Alchemical Eye.

Artists on Santa Fe, 747 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, “3D-pictions”, is hosting a collaborative show with Judy Gardner and Macy Dorf. Join Judy and Macy for a special 2nd Artist’s Reception Friday, September 19th, 5p.m.-8p.m. The show runs through September 29th.
“Macy Dorf is a potter and is best known for his large slab/thrown sculpture pieces. When Macy and I first started talking about doing the show, we kept finding new ways of pushing the materials and combining the methods. It pushed us both outside of our comfort zones and forced us to learn new ways of working even with the materials we were comfortable with.” stated Judy, smiles and continues, “The show includes digital film transfer onto clay, monotypes on clay slabs, 3D printing and laser etched acrylic. One common thread that holds the work in this show together is that it all has an element of the intangible or mystical. We didn’t plan that, it just came together that way. In addition to turning out some pretty cool work, we had a lot of fun. Sometimes as artists, it’s easy to begin to take yourself and your work too seriously that you forget to have fun. Don’t forget to play!”

"Happy Dance" - Judy Gardner

“Happy Dance” – Judy Gardner


Highland Park Apartments Art Series, 2424 W. Caithness Place, Denver, 303.861.2424 is currently showcasing Judy’s and is hosting “Meet The Artist/Meet Your Neighbor” Art Reception, Saturday, September 20th, 6p.m.-8p.m. Show runs through November 7th. Daily office hours Monday – Friday 9:30a.m. -5:30p.m, Saturdays 10a.m.-4p.m., Closed Sundays and Thursdays. This show focuses on Judy’s monotypes and large mixed media pieces.

Judy will also be showing at the Holiday show at the Arvada Center in December.

Thank you Judy Gardner for allowing us to go on this exciting artistic adventure with you. Be a tourist in your own city and remember the time to start your art collection is now.

To learn more about Judy Gardner visit www.AlchemicalEye.com. If your interested in visiting Judy at her studio by appointment contact her directly at 303.421.9597