With the weather getting cooler everyday, it’s time to put away your short shorts and sun dresses in exchange for your fall fashion pieces. But a chilly season in Colorado doesn’t mean covering up with clunky layers. Style is for every season and today we’re going to show you how by starting with denim.

Years ago, jeans used to be the afterthought. You’d pick out your outfit based on the top or whatever color you were feeling for the day. But these days, denim guides run endless in stores and online with the help of places like Zalando, Madewell and Nordstrom. So why not plan your outfit based on your favorite pair?

With denim, though, you can’t just buy one pair and call it your go-to for the year. There are so many different washes, colors and even prints offered in denim. If you’re not sure where to start or how to stock your closet full of the key item to the perfect fall outfit, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to denim suppliers

From everyday to patterned to the ultimate style of the season, consider this your guide to denim in the fall.

Everyday denim

Fall 1

7 for all mankind THE SKINNY Slim fit jeans / Vince Sleeveless Button Up Blouse / Madden Girl Plaaza / Finders Keepers Inner Light floral print crepe blazer

Long are the days when you have only one pair of jeans. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a clean, easy pair of jeans that goes with everything, doesn’t have any holes, and is classic. For fall, most tend to go for darker colors. We suggest getting a dark pair of jeans and pairing it with a lighter color on top. You can wear jeans like the ones above with a white blouse for a day date or meeting, or pair it with a t-shirt and a bib necklace for going out at night. Don’t forget a structured blazer and you’re set.

Colored denim

Fall 2

The Row Kerr oversized cashmere and silk-blend sweater / H&M Superstretch trousers / Cut-Out Leather Ankle Boots

When we say “colored denim,” bright red, hot pink or even purple might come to mind. But you don’t have to go crazy with color in order to attract attention to your jeans. This season, army green is huge in denim. If you’ve never had a pair, you can wear this colored denim with just about any color on top: white, black, gray, even a baby pink. The look pictured above would be a great outfit for running around the city in. Maybe you need to run some errands, grab coffee with a friend, or do some work in the office. This look will take you to all of those places in style, inspired by the fall.

Denim 101 courtesy of DStyleTV

Denim with leather

Fall 3

Tory Burch Women’s Harlow Leather-Side Slim JeansChicnova Fashion British Style Plaid Blouse / sweet deluxe VENEDIG Necklace

If you’re like us at the Fashion desk, we can’t stay away from leather long. From a fabulous pair of leather booties to a leather bomber on cooler nights, we don’t need an excuse to rock leather throughout the week. But if you’re not the biggest fan of it, there are ways to incorporate leather into your look without paying a complete homage to the trend. Try finding a pair of black jeans with a touch of black leather. The classic riding pant was inspiration for this pair above, but they are fun, they incorporate one of the season’s hottest trends, and you don’t go to far with the leather.

Patterned denim

Fall 4

CURRENT/ELLIOTT Stiletto Army Camo Jean / Marni Jacket / MARC JACOBS Quilted Bootie

Practically everywoman loves a good floral pattern, but wearing it on your pants? Yes, this is another trend that came about in spring 2014, but for the fall, we’re calling it: animal and camo. Sure, this isn’t the first year animal print or camo has been popular. But in 2014, this trend is coming back only with subtle hints of each. You can let loose with your denim every once in a while, but it’s easy to dress a pair up like we did above. Here’s a tip: If you’re wearing a dark pattern on your pants, accompany it with only one other dark piece. Maybe that’s your handbag, your boots or your jacket, but you don’t want to go out with only one hue. Mix it up with some golds, silvers or by adding a touch of white.