What to Wear to Different Genres of Concerts

courtesy of jambandsjam.com and Chad Smith Photography

Summer can be filled with outdoor activities galore including weddings, concerts and music festivals, vacations, visiting loved ones across the country, and the list goes on. It’s a busy time. Of course, these things can occur throughout the year as well. So, often times we just need something or someone to make our life a little easier. As someone who has studied fashion for years now, this is where I come in. When you find yourself asking, “what should I wear?” I will be here.

Below are three different outfit ideas for three different types of music. This is because we obviously would wear different looks and styles of clothing to different kinds of concerts throughout the summer, and this is your how-to what to wear guide.

Country Chic

courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com

You can’t go wrong with American flag cowgirl boots, and a denim and lace dress when planning an outfit for a country concert. Since the boot and the dress say it all, all you need is the perfect satchel and some fun floral earrings to be the cherry on top.

Rock ‘n Roll Diva

courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com

How can you not go with a splash of red when at a rock concert? Red lips make a girl feel like a million bucks too. Then I indulged in some high-waisted leather shorts to add more rocker glam. Add some jaw-dropping accessories and you have got the rocker chic look down to the tee.

Radiant Rasta

courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com

Start with a little fringe, tie-dye, and some mix-and-match accessories, and you really can’t go wrong with this style. The red converse high-tops and backpack top it off for the perfect Rasta fashionista look!


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