Vintage 303 Series: Get the Monochromatic Black Look

In honor of 303 Magazine‘s 10th anniversary this year, we looked back at some of our favorite photo shoots and magazine covers over the years. We found some classic and timeless fashion statements from past issues that are still on-trend today, and were inspired to recreate the looks for our loyal readers.

The full “Then and Now” spread can be seen in our special issue coming soon. To hold you over until then, here are three modernized looks from 303 Magazine‘s 2009 Fall Fashion Issue cover!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.27.19 PM

Picking out the most iconic 303 Magazine covers was no easy task, but once I laid my eyes upon this 2009 issue, I instantly knew it was a classic. From slacks to a LBD, black is a color that will always be in style no matter what decade you’re in. The models on this five-year-old cover are styled in head-to-toe monochromatic black, but look good enough to strut a Denver runway today. The monochromatic black trend is something that has been around for years, and we are still loving it just the same.


a244a7103bd7f0d0b659bb64994391deHere’s how to get the look:


Look 1

Inspired by the model on the left of the cover, this look gives new meaning to the always timeless trousers and blazer combo. Modernize the monochromatic black outfit with a pair of black wide-leg pants and a simple matching crop top. Cover up with a black embellished blazer and an open-toed black pump. Gold jewelry and a black studded clutch make for the perfect accessories.




Look 2

72321e745a054e23751ba7be910783b8Taking a cue from the model in the middle of the cover, we put a modern spin on the classic leather skirt and stiletto duo. We chose a black high-waisted leather skirt and tucked in a black mesh top with it. We added a gold and black studded waist belt as well as a chain choker for some extra shine. Of course, the monochromatic black look would not be complete without a pair of black suede stilettos.






Look 3

43732eefb2af46b0e482477bc2a4f368Modeled after the girl on the right of the 2009 cover, we recreated an edgy rocker look that seems to have never left the fashion scene. Start off the look with a timeless LBD and pull on a leather moto jacket over it. Make the look even edgier with a black studded clutch and booties. Finalize the monochromatic black outfit with a classic red lip, and you’re ready for a night on the town.








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