Robert Coates, know also in the art circles of Denver as Bob Coates, is an artist that is constantly challenging his audience to explore the deeper and more conceptual sides and style of art. “I call myself a multi-media, multi-dimensional, conceptualist who specializes in installation art,” states Coates and continues with a bit of laughter in his words, “You cannot sell installation art unless you are famous.”

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus - Bob Coates

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus – Bob Coates

Coates current project is “PROJECTION: In and Out of Focus” showing at his soon to be torn down studio in a building on Bannock Street, making way for for a new museum, Coates is quick to point out that “and the museum is not for me by the way”. “I have been working on this show for about a year conceptually and I believe it can represent a sort of retrospective of the work I have done for the past 20 years.”

Coates studio even empty takes your mind on a journey of thought, light and artistic wonder, so it does not surprise me that some of his most intriguing work to date has been produced within the walls of such an incredible building. “When things come together; it is magic. As a conceptualist it is hard to actually do anything tangible, but when you do, it takes you to places that you could not have anticipated and that is the magic moment,” smiles Coates.

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus - Bob Coates

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus – Bob Coates



“I have a great affinity for the work of Christo; it is a level of completeness that I try to achieve myself, a sort of top to bottom and bottom to top experience of art and experience,” smiles Coates, “Other artists that have influenced me include Van Gogh, Clyfford Still, Matisse overlaid with Warhol and Rachenberg and of course Da Vinci.”



When it comes to Coates philosophy for work, family and life: “Be available for work when it comes to you, but don’t press it; Don’t ever be snarky if you can help it and just enjoy all the precious moments; with life, what I already have said and also, say what you do and do what you say.” When asked what keeps him sane: “My family mostly, but they are not doing a very good job right now.” Laughter fills the air. His three keys to success: “Perseverance, patience and steadfast, also, who said anything about success,” states Coates with a gleaming smile.

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus - Bob Coates

PROJECTION: In & Out of Focus – Bob Coates


“PROJECTION: In and Out of Focus” is currently showing Friday, July 25th through Tuesday, July 29th at 9 p.m. PLEASE RSVP as space is limited for this incredible projection experience, located at 1223 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80202.

This is a must attend event not only because the building will soon no longer exist, but because Bob Coates is remarkably one of finest conceptual artists in Denver that I have ever met.

For more information email directly to [email protected] or phone him at 303.825.1857


Thank you Bob for taking your audience on another journey of sight, sound, in and out of focus.

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