At the fashion desk, we know that an electronic dance festival is as much about what you wear as it is about the music. Whether you’re going in jeans and a tee or a bra and a tutu, there are five key items of Global fashion that everyone should have in their arsenal before they head to Red Rocks this weekend.



Flower Crown

I’ll be the first one to advocate for riding a trend until it dies, and luckily for us, the flower crown trend is still going strong. Not only will these headbands add some flair to your hair, but in a crunch they can also keep that hair off your sweaty neck. Festivals are all about packing light, so why not kill two birds with one stone?






Metallic Tattoos


If you haven’t checked out the new Flash tattoos, it’s time you did. It’s a fancier alternative to traditional body paint, and at only $20 for four sheets of tattoos, you can afford to tattoo up! They are the newest must-have for every Global-goer.





Cutoff Shirts


Everyone knows that decorated bras are a staple for dance festivals, but for those who want to keep just as cool without baring it all, cutoff shirts are the perfect alternative. They’re more casual than the crop top, and bright colors or tie-dye are perfect for the occasion. Or you can DIY it by cutting fringe into the bottom of a shirt and tying on some bright, plastic beads.




Closed-Toe Shoes


As tempted as you might be by either heels or even bare feet, trust me: it’s a bad idea. By the third hour in, or the fifth time someone steps on your toes, or the second spilled beer, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you’re wearing sneakers. Converse or vans are great brands that have awesome colors or fun prints, so your outfit won’t suffer at all.








Fanny Packs


I don’t know who invented fanny packs, but we all owe that person a lot. Think of them as an extra opportunity to accessorize. And by literally strapping it onto your body, you run less of a risk of losing your valuables or getting them stolen. And also, of course, fanny packs are fabulous.