Poolside Fashion Show Pop-up Shops: Canned Goods and INDYINK

Canned Goods and INDYINK will have pop-up shops  

at tonight’s 303 Magazine Poolside Fashion show

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f you weren’t excited enough yet for 303’s Pool Side Fashion Show TONIGHT, then get ready for more fun.

In addition to featuring Swim N’ Sport’s line in our show, INDYINK and Canned Goods will have pop-ups shops at the event. To say these two brands are unique, doesn’t even begin to describe them.


  • 84 S Broadway, Denver
    INDYINK photos by Ariana Dufour


  • Website

Since 2002, INDYINK has been a local boutique that has specialized in screen printing, embroidery, and quality apparel for men and women. Some of the apparel is made right here in Denver, and some is from out of state but what this clothing has in common is that its high quality and made with some of the best techniques. Watch out men and women, INDYINK’s pop-up shop might leave you craving more. But don’t worry you can stop by their boutique at 84 South Broadway or learn more about their brand here.




Canned Goods


If apparel isn’t your vice, Canned Goods can fill your craving. Canned Goods repurposes old tin into modern, minimalistic jewelry pieces that will leave you drooling. Who needs canned beans when you can wear the can? But don’t worry if you’re still thinking about food, Thomas Paul Althaus founder of Canned Goods, uses every purchase to donate canned food items to charity. In total, stopping by Canned Good’s pop-up shop at our poolside fashion show will fill your appetite to help the environment, the community and your style. To learn more about canned goods click here. 

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