KXDE 107X Denver’s Rock Alternative-focused radio station’s musical talent and all around Denver favorite DJ A-Rich will play the 303 Magazine pool party this Sunday, July 13th opening for Celebrity DJ Lindsay Luv. Whether you tune into 107.1 FM frequently or just whenever you need your dance music fix, this self-proclaimed Denver Dance Factory station taps into the area’s top talent and the industry’s top musical producers.

In traditional radio fashion, things have rapidly changed and adapted for the former Denver’s Dance station 107.1 station in order to remain relevant while still providing listeners with the music they want to hear. But when it comes to music for the people, the Denver collaboration group Beatgasm’s radio’s superstar DJ A-Rich, or Alvin Richardson, is kicking off our summer pool party celebrations with his highly evolved musical talents. Rich is a two time winner of the Colorado Broadcasters Award for Best Night Show in a Top 20 Market and is known to have an infectious laugh with a five-star smile.

Alvin Richardson or DJ A-Rich

DJ A-Rich or Alvin Richardson performing in Denver, CO

DJ A-Rich is no stranger to the Denver music scene and frequently DJs all over the Mile High City. He is constantly revamping his musical background knowledge and always on the search for the next great sound. He is the first DJ in the 303 Pool Party line up and he has guaranteed to bring his high energy spirit and winning on-air personality.  303 caught up with the DJ to discuss his summer plans and set the mood for everyone to spend their Sunday working on their tan while enjoying some most excellent music.

303 Magazine: What can people expect from your set at the pool party?

DJ A-Rich: What people can expect from my set is fun and feel good music. I plan to help with the entertainment, while everyone enjoys a Sunday Funday by the pool! This is an all-new set for me, which I’m super stoked for. I’ll be playing new music and some of your favorites with a little twist. Thank God for an open mind when it comes to music!

Have you ever been to a 303 pool party?

Actually I have, it was in 2011. I had just started at Hot 107.1! We were doing a promotion with 303 Magazine. What a pool party indeed. To come back this time 3 years later to kick it off is crazy. Also to be spinning with DJ Ecotek, let’s get it! 

What is your ideal drink for hanging out by the p0ol?

I would say anything that keeps that party going, safely of course. Ideal drink pool side would be Ciroc and pineapple BUT IT HAS TO BE MIXED RIGHT! I’m open to new ideas too haha! 

How are you preparing to kick off your summer activities?

Prayer,then all lot of planning with the team. Tons of practice! There’s a lot of new things, I can’t wait to bring and share to the everyone who has supports me. Stay tuned! 

What shows are you planning on attending this summer and who are you looking forward to seeing live?

Where do I start… Any shows at Red Rocks, of course! To be honest I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of dope shows around our great city of the Mile High! We have a lot of great talent in this state, and also coming too. 

Is there anything specific you would like to share with the people of Denver?

Again thank you so much!


DJ A-Rich


If you want to find out more of what DJ A Rich is up to around Denver, or if you want to preview his music, check out his personal website at www.djarich.com.