Below are our picks for the best shows in Denver this week. Whether you want to take your dad for a post-Father’s day treat at James Taylor or get a little wompy with your EDM-loving pals at Skrillex, this week’s lineup for Denver is stacked. I tried to give a little more venue variety, but, damn, Red Rocks be killin’ it this week.

James Taylor at Red Rocks 6/17 & 6/18

The original JT–sadly without the dance moves–heads to Red Rocks Tuesday and Wednesday night this week. Tickets sold out so quickly for Tuesday, that they added a second night, which also sold out. If you were lucky enough to nab tickets for this Grammy-award winner’s shows on the rocks, allow the warm, soothing voice of an angel to blanket you in a cape of happiness while you sip libations and sway to the sounds of acoustic greatness. I expect a lot of sing-alongs for this one and possibly some mothers weeping and fathers shedding the infallible single tear. So much nostalgia. A little “Fire and Rain” under the Colorado stars? I die.

Grizfolk at Film on the Rocks – 6/16

Tonight, indie-rock group Grizfolk will open along with Total Ghost for Film on the Rocks, showing Labryinth, which is a wonderfully trippy movie for anyone wanting to see a little boy kidnapped by goblins and David Bowie and his mullet portraying the antagonist. Pre-muppet acid trip Grizfolk will serve up some awesome American-folk inspired hits that weave in electronic elements and heavy guitar. Check out their breakout song “The Struggle” below.


The Allah Lahs at Larimer Lounge 6/18

Head over to Larimer Lounge for a kick-ass show of jingling guitar melodies and warm, hazy vocals. Fresh off of a show at Bonnaroo, the band is ready to bring their special brand of psychedelic rock music to the people of Denver. The music is indicative of true summer tunes, thriving in the imagery of dusty cross-country road trips or lazy days spent at the beach. Their garage-rock seeps into the soul and transports listeners to somewhere near a California dream.

Feed the Rocks – 6/19 featuring Nas, Flying Lotus and Schoolboy Q

Nas is one of my favorite rappers. Hands down, ever. Couple the self-proclaimed King of New York (Sorry Jay, but you got Beyonce instead) with experimental producer and hip-hop artist Flying Lotus and the mean-muggin’ Schoolboy Q, and we’ve got ourselves a hip-hop heaven on the rocks. Feed the Rocks is an event put on by Preserve the Rocks, which aims to keep our magical amphitheater clean, safe and bumpin’ for centuries to come. If you somehow missed Schoolboy Q’s brawl debacle at the Ogden a few months ago, now is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite ex-Compton crack dealer while on the rocks (pun intended).

Skrillex at Red Rocks Featuring Pusha T, RL Grime, What So Not and more. 

If you’ve got a hankering for the womp or a deep desire to throw on some lense-less glasses, a neon tutu and a sparkle bra, this is your show for the week. Six-time Grammy winner Skrillex hits the rocks on a two-day run Friday and Saturday, bringing along some pals for the ride. Sonny Moore has come a long way since he was lead singer of punk band From First to Last. Now Sonny slams down big-room techno beats standing in front of massive LED screens of shimmering lasers and before crowds of staggeringly large proportions. Join Sonny and friends as they tear through the rocks with screaming EDM tracks. The people of Morrison will surely think the aliens have landed.