The spirit of an artist is represented in the work of the artist. Artist Bill Gian‘s spirited artwork can be seen and enjoyed in several different mediums, including painting, sculpture, public art, creative playground design, furniture design and even performance art.

"Walk the Plank"  - Acrylic Enamel on Canvas - Bill Gian

“Walk the Plank” – Acrylic Enamel on Canvas – Bill Gian

“The satisfaction of seeing my work, whether private or public and how if affects and inspires others is always a great reward,” states Gian.

Bill Gian comes from a family that has been in one way or another involved in the arts. “After working in a five star restaurant while working my way through grad school, I decided to pursue art full time and hit the road,” smiles Gian, “I ended up in New York City and began a garment design series for the Guggenheim Museum that lasted for several years.” Gian is thankful for having met a sculptor who taught him fortitude and discipline and also introduced him to the buyer at the Guggenheim Museum. “I was hocking hand painted garments in a stairwell, and being introduced to the buyer resulted in a long term art contract with the museum.” Gian has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Art.

"Sambosa" Acrylic Enamel on Canvas - Bill Gian

“Sambosa” Acrylic Enamel on Canvas – Bill Gian

“Being competitive in today’s art industry is no easy task,” states Gian.” It demands perseverance, hard work, insight, a competitive edge and excellent masterful work. It is important to constantly connect with clients, media/press and then finding the job opportunities is always a challenge.”

Gian’s advice for anyone heading into the art industry includes “working hard and being committed to the many phases of your craft.”

Gian isn’t one to sit still and wait for things to happen, and the types of venues to show his work are as vast as his mediums. Gian is currently showing at: Fuller Sotheby’s Realty at Cherry Creek, 3033 E. 1st Avenue, Carol Mier Fashion, 754 Santa Fe Drive located in the Santa Fe Arts District; Isle of Capri Casino in Blackhawk, Colorado.

Upcoming events include: The Wind Up Bird – a collaborative live music and painting process in conjunction with Rowan Realty, Friday June 13th, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. at 1136 Cherokee Street, located in the Golden Triangle. This is a stylish event that will showcase the artwork of Bill Gian and  Brian Comber, as well as special guest artists Tim Gianulis, Lucy Geller and Danny Vasquez staged throughout a beautiful five-story town home. Bill Gian will create a live action art piece throughout the evening. The event will also include music performances by Kurt Bauer and members of Animal / object and The Avante Guarde Music Society.

You can also find Bill Gian at The Greek Festival located at the Greek Cathedral at 4610 E. Alameda Avenue, Denver, June 20th – 22nd, where Gian will perform a live action painting on Sunday, June 22nd at 4 p.m.

Feel like traveling? Then Memphis, Tennessee is the next Bill Gian art destination. Otherlands Gallery will showcase Gian’s paintings June 27th – August 27th, 2014.

Public Art - Creative Park - Bill Gian

Public Art – Creative Park – Bill Gian


“Over the years I have been involved in a variety of disciplines; performance art (performing in N.Y.C., Los Angeles, Denver, Aspen, to name a few), painting, sculpture, public art, creative parks and architectural interiors. As these different ways of working with materials and ideas come together they strengthen and enhance each individual discipline,” smiles Gian, “The art becomes ideas and concepts that contribute to different art forms.”


Bill Gian is an artist who continues to dig deep within his soul to capture and create art that truly reflects his imaginative, whimsical style.

Interested in becoming a collector? Plan on visiting Bill Gian at any one of his upcoming events; The Wind Up Bird, The Greek Festival and you may also visit Rita Bellino of Queen B Salon, 112 South Mill Street Unit A in Aspen, CO. Want to learn more about the artist? Visit or contact him directly at [email protected]

The time to be a collector is now. Be a tourist in your own city and enjoy, here’s to seeing you out and about at the above Bill Gian Art Events..