Photo from Sleigh Bells Facebook

Photo from Sleigh Bells’ Facebook

Brooklyn-based duo Sleigh Bells are blowing through Boulder to bring us a Monday night treat. Alexis Krauss and Derek Edward Miller are bringing their signature loud-ass, noise-pop tunes to the Fox this evening, with opening band Sumsun taking the stage around 8:30pm. Tickets cost about $25.

Sleigh Bells released their latest album Bitter Rivals this past October. This album, compared to their others, focuses more on its melodic aspects, boasting a “cleaner sound.” Bitter Rivals has been partially inspired by the high priestess of pop, herself: Janet Jackson.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing Sleigh Bells and don’t have any other scathing Monday night plans, I highly recommend checking them out. Their style fuses elements of glam-metal meets dance-punk, abrasive guitar wales, experimental electronic beats, and feminine vocals that range from flowery to hardcore. They’re… well, they’re loud.


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