Beginning at 5pm on April 12 and running straight through ’til 5am on April 13, the Fusion Factory will host a menagerie of fun. There will be arts n’ crafts and family friendly activities from 5pm-9pm, including crafting and painting workshops (kids under 12 are free before 9pm).

There will be a ton of performance art, live painting, mind blowing visuals, fire dancing, live music, a slew of local DJs ranging from psy-trance to house music to booty bumpin’ bass, a freaky fashion show, costumes, local vendors, concessions, and a raffle featuring tattoo parlor gift cards, locally made art and accessories, and pottery. The later the hour, the weirder the party.

What do you need to bring? BYO cup, adult beverages of your own choosing, dancing shoes, and a good attitude.

Who is responsible for throwing such a carnival? What are we celebrating? Why all this fun? What’s the occasion?

"Arcus Hymenoptera"

“Arcus Hymenoptera”

Obviously the Denver Burners are behind this. This party is actually a fundraiser for A-CON (Apogaea Collective), the local Denver fire dancer conclave, Camp VAN Gogh (who are responsible for painting the van in the photo above), and Arcus Hymenoptera, which is a massive art project depicting “a stationary archway sculpture of two ants, made of resourced materials that are working together to lift a flaming heart.”

Apogaea is the regional Colorado Burning Man Festival that takes place in Bailey each June and celebrates art, community, and radical self reliance.

The money raised will be used by each of the respective hosts to fund their art projects. A-CON is looking to acquire and build more elaborate props to incorporate into their fire routines, specifically “three shadow screens to incorporate acro-yoga, juggling, shadow dancing and shadow play.” They also are raising money via their Indiegogo campaign for safety materials, kevlar, costumes, etc.

This black light themed party is scheduled to coincide with Yuri’s Night, a huge party at Norad Dance Bar featuring DJ Wuki, which runs from 9pm-2am. The party is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first human to launch into space on April 12, 1961. Needless to say, most attendees will be dressed in their finest retro space gear.

For more details about Starry Night: The Offical Yuri’s Night After Party, check out their Facebook event page.

Tickets are between $10-15 and are available at: