The Cannabis Culture Music Festival is coming to Civic Center Park for the official 420 Rally on April 19th and 20th. This festival is going to be one of the best events to attend this upcoming 420, with a killer line up of artists that will be sure to celebrate the legalization of marijuana with a bang. Cannabis Culture is bringing out some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music to create the best vibes possible for this gathering of marijuana enthusiasts, including Wyclef Jean, B.O.B., The Expendables, Zion I, Bass Physics, Peplove, Pries, Sun Squabi, MTHDS, Rumtum, DJ Cavem, Rose Quartz, and FL.

Not only is the Cannabis Culture Music Festival attracting such fantastically diverse and unique artists for this two day long extravaganza, but they are sweetening the deal but making the entire festival completely FREE for everyone to attend. This incredible incentive to attend the festival is matched only by the promise of great music and a great environment to celebrate legalization in. For more information about the Cannabis Culture Music festival, the new Colorado laws regarding marijuana, and news regarding scientific studies, you can visit the official 420 Rally website at You can also sign up to become an art vendor or volunteer to work for the festival there as well.