What: The chance to enjoy tequila with the people that make it.

Where: La Biblioteca, 1610 Little Raven Street, Suite #200

When:  The first Thursday of each month through July. 

Cost: $5/person

Whether you’re well-versed in tequilas, mezcals and sotols or just a fan of drinking these south of the border spirits, this monthly event at La Biblioteca offers a unique opportunity.

Tequila FlightFor only $5 you’ll be treated to tastes of tequila from that month’s featured distillery along with the chance to meet the people behind the bottles. Learn about the history of each distillery, the processes they use and what goes into making each one-of-a-kind spirit. This event is a great deal for your wallet as well and a can’t-miss chance to expand your agave spirit knowledge.

Here’s some more info on upcoming featured distilleries to get you prepped for this crash-course in tequila making.

May 1st: Centinela

This Mexican distillery based in Arandas, Jalisco has a history dating back to 1890. Over 100 years later, the Centinela family continues to use the same processes perfected in their early years of making tequila and believes that, like family, a solid foundation is the key to their tequila’s success.

 June 5th: Agave Underground

With its headquarters in Orange County, California and agave plants that are harvested in Jalisco, Mexico, this growing distillery pays homage to the history of tequila. Outlawed in the 18th century by King Charles III because of his fear that the popularity of tequila would affect the sales of Spanish wine and liquors,  tequila began being produced “underground.” Agave Underground captures that spirit with their commitment to featuring the raw, natural flavors of the agave plant.

July 3rd: Suerte

This series wraps up with Boulder-based Suerte. Opened in 2012, this relative new-comer to the tequila scene is committed to producing top-quality, authentic tequila distilled with
traditional methods while still pushing the boundaries of this time-honored spirit.

All photos courtesy of La Biblioteca