The Cinful Joe

What: Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

Where: 955 Bannock St #100, Denver, CO 80204

Pros: Rooster and Moon has a full menu for any time of day. The Berry Avocado Salad makes for the perfect lunch break.

Cons: Beware that parking can be a problem. Most of the surrounding parking is for the offices around the shop, so park at your own risk.

In the restaurant industry, boutique cafes are usually split into two categories: the morning shift (breakfast/lunch) and the evening shift (lunch/dinner/late night). The staff at Rooster and Moon, however, is dedicated. Open most days from 6 in the morning to 11 at night, the self-proclaimed “Coffee Pub” has mastered the transition between the morning and night atmosphere. Rooster and Moon has created a great hangout for any time of the day.


Berry Avocado Salad

If a morning pick me up is what you’re after, Rooster and Moon can satisfy your need with an array of creative coffee drinks. The Raspberry Beret is a tasty latte treat made with vanilla and raspberry syrups. It had a sweet lingering taste. If you are into more of a spicy, savory drink, then the Cinful Joe is right up your alley. Created with vanilla syrup and cinnamon that caramelizes on top of drink, it is definitely something great to sip on while posting up at Rooster and Moon’s bar or on the shop’s patio.

Rooster and Moon also has a variety of breakfast items to choose from, from sweet and savory pastries made in house to more extensive breakfast goodies. We tried the MexiCali Flat, one of Rooster and Moon’s more popular breakfast items. It’s easy to see why. Toasted flatbread topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar and jack cheese, spicy sausage, jalapenos, tomato and homemade green chili made for a delicious breakfast. It’s a great option to split with a friend too.


Rue The Day Cocktail

Throughout the day, Rooster and Moon transitions into a pub and eatery and offers everything from sandwiches and pizza to a full bar menu. The Berry Avocado Salad is available on the lunch menu and is a must try when visiting. The organic mixed greens are topped with an array of superfoods such as avacados, seasonal berries, walnuts and Parmesan cheese. The salad is served with house-made honey jalapeno vinaigrette that perfectly compliments the salad with spicy and sweet flavors. We paired the salad with a whiskey cocktail from Rooster and Moon’s full bar. The Rue The Day cocktail is made with homemade rhubarb shrub, Italian sweet vermouth, and lemon juice. It is sweet but not overpowering. Finish off the meal with homemade Banana Pudding, a recipe passed down to a Rooster and Moon’s partner’s wife by her Grandma. It’s a North Carolina classic and can’t be missed.

Rooster and Moon copartner Nick Bode opened Rooster and Moon over four years ago with the intent of created a Old English style public house for patrons to be able to use in many different ways. It can be a work place, a pub or a place for socializing with friends. Since then, it has grown into an anchor for the neighborhood with a great group of regulars and still attracts more and more people every day. So whether you live down the street or across town, Rooster and Moon is worth the trip.

Photos by Camille Breslin, 303 Magazine Photographer.